• Sharing the Gift of Music With Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

    Events like Hurricane Sandy offer all of us a reminder of the strength and importance of our communities, particularly in New York City, where we all live and work in such close proximity but may not often look for opportunities to help our neighbors. Over the past few months, we’ve seen New Yorkers band together in the face of adversity, lending helping hands throughout their communities to rebuild.

    In this spirit of moving forward, we are offering free tickets to New Yorkers who have been hit by this storm and the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help those in need. We believe in the power of music, and hope that attending a concert can provide a positive space for New Yorkers to come together and have a brief respite from the hardships this storm has inflicted.

    If you have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and wish to take advantage of this offer, contact us at hurricanesandytickets@carnegiehall.org or 212-903-9667. Tickets are for select concerts only.

    For more information about relief efforts throughout the state: 

       •  nycservice.org
       •  governor.ny.gov/resources/storm