• NYO-USA Top 10: By the Numbers

    For many months, the Carnegie Hall staff has been planning, organizing, scheduling, and preparing for the inaugural tour of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America. Here’s a look at a few of the things that go into an international youth orchestra tour.


    1. 360 pages of music sent
    053013 NYOUSA Scores pic
    2. 63.5 hours of scheduled rehearsal time (7,620 collective hours!)
    3. 320 photos of string instruments to present at Russian customs
    4. 109 articles written about NYO-USA musicians
    053013 NYOUSA Article pic
    5. 153 visa applications
    053013 NYOUSA Visa folders pic
    6. 10,764 individual meals to plan
    7. 2,268 emails to read
    8. 988 wardrobe measurements taken
    9. 447 plane tickets for humans and 42 plane tickets for instruments
    10. 11 pieces of NYO-USA swag
    053013 NYOUSA SWAG pic


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