• Britten's Endgame

    English composer, conductor, and pianist Benjamin Britten has long been regarded as one of the central figures of 20th-century British classical music. Most well-known for his vocal compositions and opera scores, the composer’s oeuvre is vastly wide-ranging, with a dizzying output of orchestral, choral, chamber, and instrumental works. 

    On December 14 we continue the celebration of the centenary of Britten's birth with Discovery Day: Benjamin Britten, an immersive afternoon including a multimedia introduction to John Bridcut's new documentary, Britten's Endgame, a song recital, and a keynote lecture by conductor and author Paul Kildea.

    Watch the trailer for Britten's Endgame below.


    Britten's Endgame will receive its American Premiere at the Paley Center on December 15.