• Back to School Survival Guide For Musicians

    Summer is quickly coming to a close, and it’s time to trade in our beach balls and bathing suits for backpacks and uniforms. Here’s a handy back-to-school guide featuring 10 useful supplies for musicians of all ages! What’s on your back-to-school list?


    Pencil Guard Holder for Music Stand

    Every musician needs a convenient place to hold their pencils when practicing.

    Back to School pencil guard



    Sheet Music Stand Clip

    Keep your music from flying away with sheet music stand clips.

    Back to School music stand clip



    Water Bottle

    Make a trip to the water fountain in style with our Carnegie Hall stainless steel water bottle.





    Jazz up your writing tools with the treble-clef pencil.

    Back to School pencil



    Metronome App

    Ditch your ancient metronome for a digital version which allows you to share your playlists with your teacher and classmates.

    Back to School metronome app




    You can’t lead an orchestra without a conductor’s baton!

    Back to School baton



    Music Stand

    Take your music on the road with this portable wire music stand equipped with folding capability and a carrying bag.

    Back to School music stand



    Carnegie Hall “Practice” Journal

    Jot down your notes in our “Practice” journal.

    Back to School practice journal



    Chromatic Tuner App

    You won’t ever have to worry about being off tune with this digital chromatic tuner app. For iOS or Android.

    Back to School chromatic tuner app



    Manuscript Paper

    Aspire to be the next Beethoven? You will need to have access to manuscript paper to write and store your musical masterpieces.

    Back to School manuscript paper


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