Performance Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | 4 PM

Carnegie Kids: ClassNotes

Hudson Guild
Hudson Guild
441 West 26th Street (at Tenth Avenue) | Manhattan
RSVP required: 212-760-9837

Bring your little ones to this free, interactive, 45-minute concert that’s designed for children ages three to six, and fun for the whole family!

ClassNotes transforms everyday classical music into a wild rollercoaster of colorful sounds and emotions. Get on board as these young, charismatic teaching musicians take you and your kids on a full-throttle ride of extraordinary discovery through active listening and storytelling. A young audience member once said, “I like the way you broke the music up and put it back together again.” The ClassNotes members are all top performers who play with the world’s best orchestras, and are winners of international competitions and distinguished awards.


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"The Dream"  (Live at DiaBeacon)
Class Notes

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Carnegie Kids is generously supported, in part, by an endowment gift from Linda and Earle S. Altman.