Exhibit Thursday, February 20, 2014 | 10 AM

Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession

New York Art Resources Consortium
The New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC)—a collaboration between the libraries of The Frick Collection, Brooklyn Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art—has extensive holdings of materials relating to artist Gustav Klimt (1862–1918). To correspond with the citywide Vienna: City of Dreams festival, NYARC presents this exhibition of its Vienna Secession (Union of Austrian Artists) catalogs and other related materials for the period that Klimt, as a founding member, was involved. This site presents digital copies of the full run of Vienna Secession catalogs 1–23 (1898–1905) along with photographic postcards illustrating some of the exhibition installations. Most of the original Secession catalogs are held at the Frick Art Reference Library. A complete virtual set has now been made possible courtesy of digital copies from the collection of the Neue Galerie New York. Additional materials held at the Brooklyn Museum Library and Archives and The Museum of Modern Art have been digitized especially for this online exhibition. Highlights of the site include the famed Beethoven exhibition in 1902, featuring Max Klinger's sculpture of the composer, and the Klimt exhibition in 1903. The online exhibition enhances the 1903 Klimt catalog through the addition of color images or works exhibited there. A timeline feature takes the viewer through landmark artistic developments during this rich period of Viennese history.
This performance is part of Vienna: City of Dreams.