Presented by Nature Ganganbaigal & Tengger Cavalry

Performance Thursday, December 24, 2015 | 8 PM

Mongolian Nomadic Folk Music Concert

Weill Recital Hall
Nature Ganganbaigal is an internationally recognized Mongolian folk music performer and songwriter. Presented by the artist and his band Tengger Cavalry, this concert features traditional Mongolian folk music with throat singing, horsehead fiddle, and diverse world music instruments.


  • Nature Ganganbaigal, Horsehead Fiddle and Throat Singing
    Alex Abayev, Bass
    Yuri Liak, Drums
    Robert McLaughlin, Igil Fiddle and Throat Singing
    Rob Randazzo, Harp
    Li Zong, Piano
    Ayusha Sanzhiev, Guitar and Vocals
    Darina Sanzhieva, Vocals