Performance Saturday, February 21, 2015 | 4 PM

Neighborhood Concert: Matuto

El Museo del Barrio
The lively, joyous sound of Matuto entwines Brazilian folk music with the flatpicking guitars and fiery fiddling of American bluegrass. The line-up of Matuto, whose name means “country boy” in Brazilian slang, features a pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) master, a New York–based singer-guitarist, a percussionist known for his work with Herbie Hancock, plus an array of talented folk, world, and jazz musicians. Known for its loose, devil-may-care stage presence and high-octane virtuosity, Matuto is a standard-bearer for New York City’s diverse musical culture. The group just released a new album called African Suite, which features music inspired by its State Department–sponsored tour of the continent.


  • Matuto
    ··Clay Ross, Guitar and Vocals
    ··Rob Curto, Accordion
    ··Mazz Swift, Violin
    ··Mike Lavalle, Bass
    ··Aynsley Powell, Drums
    ··Sergio Krakowski, Percussion


    MATUTO Dois Nordestes (arr. Rob Curto)
    MATUTO Horse Eat Corn (arr. Clay Ross)
    MATUTO Baião e Bacalhau (arr. Rob Curto)
    MATUTO Recife (arr. Clay Ross)
    MATUTO Forró Pacifico (arr. Rob Curto)MATUTO Despontando (arr. Zé Calixto)
    MATUTO Vem Morena (arr. Luiz Gonzaga and Zé Dantas)
    MATUTO Roseira do Norte (arr. Pedro Sertanejo)
    MATUTO Saudades da Capital (arr. Rob Curto)
    MATUTO Numa Sala de Reboco (arr. Luiz Gonzaga and José Marcolino)
    MATUTO Asa Branca- (arr. Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira)
    MATUTO Retrato de Um Forró (arr. Luiz Gonzaga and Luiz Ramalho)


Cote D'Ivoire

El Museo Del Barrio
1230 Fifth Avenue (at 104th Street) | Manhattan

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