Presented by Jesus Moreno

Performance Saturday, July 15, 2017 | 7 PM

Fiesta Negra: Celebrating Afro-Peruvian Music & Dance

Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
This performance features powerful rhythms alongside joyful and melancholic melodies, reflecting on the story of African descendants in Peru and paying tribute to Afro-Peruvian musicians and dancers. Featuring over 40 Peruvian performers on stage, the performance utilizes instruments created almost two centuries ago by slaves in Peru. Fiesta Negra was formed in 1980 by musician Jesus Moreno. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a number of the ensemble’s artists seeking better housing and medical attention.


  • Jesus Moreno, Jose Orlando Izqierdo Fume, Victor Pozu, Gerson Jair Chavez Ramirez, Hayro Junior Izqierdo Torres, Jhoao Aldair Mena Gallardo, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Vasquez, Jose Luis Saldamando Salas, Victor Valle, Zoila Luz Montedoro Romero, Adriana Grace Ayme Arizaga, Begonia Bustamante Siancas, Jhoanna Jhosely Mena Gallardo, Diana Cecilia Pacheco Franco, Hilda Elvira Perez Vasquez, Marjory Muriel Quintana Yañez, Stacy Naiscleer Torres Huarcaya, Luisa Ponce, Marggie Ponce, Vicky Andrade, and Jessika Pherenike, Dancers
  • Francisco Rojas, Jose Contreras, and Antonio Caballero, Guitar
    Rufino Ortiz, Guitar and Music Director
    Luis Guillermo Solar Narciso, Wilmer Ayme Castañeda, Freddy Lobaton, Jhair Sala, Roberto Bolaños, Eduardo Cossio, Hector Ferreyra, Jerson Montedoro Solar, Martin Zegarra Loyola, and Alejandro Reyes, Percussion
    Daniel Arboleda, Saxophone
    Mariela Valencia, Karla Simonn, Julia Susana Cuenca, Jose De la Cruz, Juan Barbieri, Zoila Luz Montedoro Romero, and Russell C. Targrove, Singers

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