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Presented by The Paley Center for Media


Sunday, March 18, 2018 12:15 PM Paley Center
Screenings of 1968 television programs from the Paley Center archives look at how the medium reported the news and how it adapted to the changing national mood, including Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

12:15 PM
Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In
This complete episode from September 16, 1968, includes a cameo appearance by Richard M. Nixon two months before he won the presidential election. (NBC, 60 min.)

1:10 PM
Get Smart: Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron
On this episode from September 28, 1968, the bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) meets his future mother-in-law. (NBC, 30 min.)

1:35 PM
The Mod Squad: The Teeth of the Barracuda
(Series Premiere – September 24, 1968)
On the premiere of this series about three societal drop-outs who become undercover police agents, Pete (Michael Cole), Linc (Clarence Williams III), and Julie (Peggy Lipton) investigate a policeman's murder. The murderers are exploiting Pete's ex-girlfriend in a blackmail scheme aimed at her father, a wealthy gubernatorial candidate. (ABC, 70 min.)

2:45 PM
60 Minutes (Series Premiere – September 24, 1968)
The news magazine program begins with a look at the presidential candidates' campaign headquarters in Miami and Chicago during the Republican and Democratic Conventions and also includes an interview with Attorney General Ramsey Clark that focuses on the relationship between the police and the community. Plus an appearance by Art Buchwald and a short film by Saul Bass. (CBS, 60 min.)

3:45 PM
That’s Life: How We Met (Series Premiere – September 24, 1968)
Robert Morse and E.J. Peaker star in this quirky hour-long musical comedy series that follows the romance and marriage of a young couple in the fictional town of Ridgeville. This first episode includes appearances by George Burns, Tony Randall, and the popular rock group the Turtles. (ABC, 60 min.)

Part of: The ’60s: The Years that Changed America

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The Paley Center for Media
25 West 52nd Street | Manhattan
212-621-6600, ext. 0

Experiments in Television
Ron Simon, Curator at The Paley Center for Media, discusses the medium of television in the 1960s.

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