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Presented by Tengger Cavalry

Mongolian Nomadic Folk Music Concert

Thursday, September 20, 2018 8 PM Weill Recital Hall
This performance, presented by Billboard-featured folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, features traditional nomadic musical techniques and instruments such as throat singing, Mongolian long song, and Morin Khuur.


Nature, Morin Khuur and Throat Singing
Wulijimuren and Bayarjargal, Morin Khuur
Tonggala, Dariso, and Roza, Mongolian Dancing
Erentuya, Long Song Performer
Sarengowa, Cello
Greg Baker, Double Bass
Tamir Hargana, Throat Singing
Pat Reilly, Guitar
Zong Li, Keyboards
Randy Tesser, Drums
Ayusha, Singer
Darina, Vocals

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