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Presented by International Music & Arts Society

IMAS 6th Annual Talented Young Musician Olympia Winners Concert

Saturday, April 13, 2019 1 PM Weill Recital Hall
The International Music & Arts Society (IMAS) is an international non-profit 501(c)(3) founded by Shirley Fan and Amy Kao to promote the advancement of musical and cultural relationships between teachers and students from all over the world. The IMAS 6th Annual Talented Young Musician Olympia Winners Concert showcases a variety of talent, ranging from performances on the piano to group ensembles and string instrument performances.


Aaron Chuang
Aaron Tran
Alex Wong
Alexander Raftopoulos
Alexis Weng
Amy Chan
Andrew Wong
Athena Cheng
Blenda Guo
Cameron Woo
Carmen Hernandez
Celine Crenshaw
Corey He
Daniel W. Dietrich
Dawson Lin
Elias Cho
Elise Kang
Elizabeth Krska
Emilio Pellegrini
Emily Mu
Emma Brown
Eric Xuan
Ethan Chang
Evan Lin
Isabelle Chen
Jeffrey Tan
Jonathan Hartanto
Julia Banks
Katherine Tran
Katherine Tran
Kevin MacArthur Wu
Leonard Malott
Louis Liu
Luca Pellegrini
Marco Pellegrini
Maysa Sukkarieh
Meining Wu
Natalie Zhou
Neeva Patel
Rohith Malangi
Shrinidhi Kesavan
Sophia Chen
Sophia Pan
Sophie Brown
Stephanie Yam
Tiffany Yam
Varenya Mutnuri
Willow Shi

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