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Cancelled: Lise Davidsen, Soprano
James Baillieu, Piano

Thursday, November 12, 2020 7:30 PM Zankel Hall
Lise Davidsen by Ray Burmiston, James Baillieu by Kaupa Kikkas
Norwegian soprano Lise Davidsen has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame and is one of the most sought-after singers of our day. She won rave reviews in 2019 for her debut performances of Elisabeth in Wagner’s Tannhäuser at the Bayreuth Festival, and as Lisa in Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades at the Metropolitan Opera. Davidsen performs songs by R. Strauss, Schumann, Grieg, and Brahms alongside Sibelius’s intensely dramatic Luonnotar in her much-anticipated Carnegie Hall debut.

Part of: Great Singers II: Jula Goldwurm Pure Voice Series


Lise Davidsen, Soprano
James Baillieu, Piano


BRAHMS "Auf dem Kirchhofe," Op. 105, No. 4

BRAHMS "Da unten im Tale" from 49 Deutsche Volkslieder, No. 6

BRAHMS "Mädchenlied" (Auf die Nacht in den Spinnstubn), Op. 107, No. 5

BRAHMS "Liebestreu," Op. 3, No. 1

BRAHMS "Von ewiger Liebe," Op. 43, No. 1

SCHUMANN Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart, Op. 135

SIBELIUS Luonnotar, Op. 70

SIBELIUS Five Songs, Op. 37

GRIEG "Dereinst, Gedanke mein," Op. 48, No. 2

GRIEG "Zur Rosenzeit," Op. 48, No. 5

GRIEG "Ein Traum," Op. 48, No. 6

R. STRAUSS "Zueignung," Op. 10, No. 1

R. STRAUSS "Allerseelen," Op. 10, No. 8

R. STRAUSS "Die Georgine," Op. 10, No. 4

R. STRAUSS "Wiegenlied," Op. 41, No. 1

R. STRAUSS "Malven"

R. STRAUSS "Befreit," Op. 39, No. 4

R. STRAUSS "Cäcilie," Op. 27, No. 2

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This series is sponsored by the Jean & Jula Goldwurm Memorial Foundation in memory of Jula Goldwurm.

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