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Presented by Japan Society in partnership with The University of Chicago Presents

Shomyo: Buddhist Ritual Chant

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 8 PM Online
Featuring monks from Japan’s Shingon and Tendai Buddhist sects, the critically acclaimed group Shomyo no Kai—Voices of a Thousand Years showcase their mastery of a millennium-old chanting ritual. Through Moonlight Mantra—an entrancing new work by Yu Kuwabara—the monks’ ethereal voices elevate the listener into a transcendental state of consciousness, providing a moment of contemplative solace and healing. With a performance set in the grand, sacred space of An’yo-in Temple, this concert offers a rare opportunity to hear this ancient form of meditation that has been passed down across the generations. 

Available through April 30, 2021.

Part of: Voices of Hope

Tickets: $15 (general public); $12 (society members)


Shomyo no Kai—Voices of a Thousand Years

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