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Presented by Centro Primo Levi New York

The Scandal of the Imagination

Aldo Braibanti and Sylvano Bussotti, a Collaboration
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 4 PM Online
“Julio Organum Julii” by Sylvano Bussotti
One of Primo Levi’s concerns was the permanence of conditions that enable oppression in democratic societies. Such permanence and art’s ability to unveil it provide the horizon to this program whose focus shifts from art’s power of resistance to its disposition to precipitate reactionary events that everyone can witness. This performative character distinguishes the experience of poet-philosopher Aldo Braibanti and composer Sylvano Bussotti, and of the artistic commune they created (1947–1953) in Castell’Arquato, near Piacenza, Italy. An open art laboratory at the intersection of the humanities and science, Castell’Arquato testifies to the resistance encountered by art that breaks boundaries. Born shortly after the end of WWII and 20 years of fascist repression, the commune was soon censored by representatives of the newly formed Italian Republic, who viewed themselves as heralds of a democratic future.

Part of: Voices of Hope

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