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Presented by Irish Arts Center

Grásta: Grace in Uncertainty

Friday, April 30, 2021 4 PM Online
Revisit three compositions presented by the Irish Arts Center as part of Grásta: Grace in Uncertainty, a series of new works from 26 artists across a range of disciplines, each responding to the prompt of finding grace in the uncertainty of our current moment. In Which Star Are You Going to Follow?, Appalachian musician Dirk Powell and multi-instrumentalist Mike McGoldrick from the band Lúnasa collaborate on a music and found-sounds piece inspired by journeys taken over multiple generations. Vocalist Tamar Korn and jazz, swing, and bluegrass musician Dennis Lichtman perform a combination of original work and interpretations of early 20th-century songs in Walking into the Unknown. In Fear, Kaia Kater explores themes of impermanence and change through a tapestry of journal entries and musical vignettes.

Part of: Voices of Hope

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