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Carnegie Hall Presents

Julia Wolfe: Oxygen

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 2 PM Online
Photography by Ethan Lin
Julia Wolfe’s residency as the 2021–2022 Debs Composer’s Chair kicks off online with the film premiere of Oxygen, a rapid-fire composition for 12 flutes. Written during the pandemic and filmed in October 2021, Oxygen features an all-star cast of flutists coming together to collaborate after more than a year of artistic isolation.

Oxygen was commissioned by the National Flute Association.

Part of: Julia Wolfe

Watch on YouTube and join the conversation.


Molly Barth, C-Flute and Piccolo
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, C-Flute and Bass Flute
Dalia Chin, C-Flute and Piccolo
Brian Dunbar, C-Flute and Piccolo
Amir Farsi, C-Flute and Piccolo
Marco Granados, C-Flute
Jennifer Grim, C-Flute and Piccolo
Kelli Kathman, C-Flute
Ethan Lin, C-Flute and Alto Flute
Tim Munro, C-Flute and Piccolo
Alex Sopp, C-Flute
Leo Sussman, C-Flute
Georgia Mills, Conductor

Directed and Edited by
Jeremy Robins
Ibis Productions, Inc.

Mich Blummer, Camera and Gimbal Operator
Kharon Benson, Camera Operator
Josue Flores, Production Assistant

Filmed on location at BRIC, Brooklyn, NY

Produced and Mixed by
David Cosson

Alex Conroy, Engineer

Recorded at The Bunker Studio Brooklyn, NY


JULIA WOLFE Oxygen (Online Film Premiere)

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Julia Wolfe is holder of the 2021–2022 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair at Carnegie Hall.

Support for Julia Wolfe as holder of 2021–2022 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair is provided by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

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