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Carnegie Hall Presents

Karim Sulayman, Tenor
Yi-heng Yang, Fortepiano

Where Only Stars Can Hear Us
Thursday, May 19, 2022 7:30 PM Weill Recital Hall
Yi-heng Yang and Karim Sulayman
Lebanese American Karim Sulayman’s “lucid, velvety tenor and pop-star charisma” (BBC Music Magazine) has propelled him to triumphs on the world’s great stages. It has also earned him a 2018 Grammy Award (Best Classical Solo Vocal Album) for Songs of Orpheus, a collection of 17th-century arias. Yi-heng Yang, a historic keyboardist praised for the “astonishing skill and vividness” (The New York Times) of her playing, is an ideal partner for Sulayman’s all-Schubert recital. 

Part of: Great Singers III: Evenings of Song


Karim Sulayman, Tenor
Yi-heng Yang, Fortepiano



"Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren", D. 360

"Die Sterne", D. 939

"Die Sternennächte," D. 670

"An die Laute", D. 905

"Alinde," D. 904

"Abends unter der Linde," D. 235

"An den Mond", D. 193

"Die Forelle", D. 550

"Des Fischers Liebesglück", D. 933

"Am Meer", Op. 957, No. 12

"Abendbilder", D. 650

"Nacht und Träume", D. 827

"Der Vater mit dem Kind," D. 906

"Erlkönig", D. 328

"Der Winterabend", D. 938

"An den Mond" (Füllest wieder Busch und Tal), D. 259

"Nachtgesang," D. 119

"Das Rosenband," D. 280

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