• Zakir Hussain Workshop

    Explore, Create, and Express through Classical Indian Music, for instrumentalists interested in exploring Indian improvisation


     The Zakir Hussain Workshop, presented by the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall from April 13–19, 2009, was a chance for experienced musicians of any instrument and style to expand their existing knowledge through the guidance of tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain and his colleagues. The diverse group of participants, playing everything from bassoon and marimba to guitar and congas, attended several workshops in which the details and method through which Indian Classical Music is practiced and learned, and ultimately improvised upon, were addressed in a hands–on format. 

  • The goal was to help students bridge the gap between their own traditions and Zakir Hussain's expertise in the ideas of Raga (Indian Classical Melody) and Tala (Indian Classical Rhythm). The participants exercised freedom through improvisation, and were challenged with structures through compositions and fixed ideas drawn directly from the traditions of Indian Classical Music. These participants, many of whom had little previous experience with Indian music, gained valuable skills and creative ideas that Zakir Hussain hopes will inspire them to reach further with their own music and embrace taking risks musically. 


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