• What is 360° Impact?

    In a traditional musical event, an artist performs for an audience that listens passively. In contrast, every Musical Connections event—from a one-time concert to a long-term creative project—is designed to actively engage all involved with the goal of transforming not just the “audience,” but everyone—from residents of the host venue to the staff of the presenting organization and the musician on stage.

    "This amazing opportunity has given me a voice. Maybe just a baby voice, but more than I’ve ever had. We’ve written these songs. We can’t really believe it ourselves—but here they are."
    —Sing Sing Correctional Facility inmate and Musical Connections participant

    "Toomai's Musical Connections performance at Sing Sing was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had."
    —Andrew Roitstein, bassist for Toomai String Quartet and Musical Connections partner artist

  • Soprano Camille Zamora talks about how Musical Connections work informs all of her performances, including her opera gigs.

  • Songwriter Profile:
    David Broxton

  • James Shipp:
    Artist Impact

  • Emeline Michel:
    Artist Impact