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Great Teachers in Action


Seek out opportunities for both you and your students to be inspired, encouraging a renewed sense of excitement and pride in personal expression.

Great Teachers In Action: Vocal Improvisation Game

Teaching artist and composer Tom Cabaniss shares the fun improvisation circle game Three to Get Ready, invented by Tiago Grade, in which each person makes a solo contribution toward creating a fully improvised piece as a group.

Class Type: Vocal
Grade: K–12
Focus: Classroom Application

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Expand your artistic horizon and bring new musical ideas and approaches into the classroom that will inspire creativity.

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Set the stage for your students to understand and appreciate new material you introduce by personalizing it, sharing your passion and purpose as a base to build on.

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Spark meaningful conversations by asking questions, observing responses, and reflecting on the process with your students as you move through it.

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Actively listen and respond to the needs of your students, acknowledging and celebrating their differences to encourage an open and secure learning environment for all.

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Experiment with expression by exploring a range of approaches to bring new ideas to the surface with your students.

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Encourage and empower your students as leaders, providing them opportunities to share their work, practice, and process with their peers.

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