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Program Six

Bluegrass, Chinese Traditional, and Iraqi Folk

Michael Daves

Bluegrass with Michael

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Uncle Pen”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “In the Pines”
Qian Yi

Chinese Traditional with Qian Yi

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Mo Li Hua”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “Gong Xi, Gong Xi”
Layth Sidiq

Iraqi Folk with Layth

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Tal’a Min Beit Abouha”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “Foag el-Nakhal”

Where Do Our Artists Come From?

Discover the geographic roots of the musical genres and songs featured in the Musical Explorers curriculum through our interactive Around the World map.

Digital Concert Experience

Participate with your students in a culminating interactive concert experience filmed at Carnegie Hall and available on demand from the comfort of your school. Prepare for your Digital Concert Experience.

The Program Six concert experience will be available May 2020.

Have you completed Program Six with your students? Tell us about your experience and receive a Musical Explorers Passport Badge for your classroom!
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