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Musical Explorers
2019–2020 National Partnership Registration

Deadline: August 1

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Contact Information
16. To whom should your Letter of Agreement be addressed?
17. Model Selection
18. Model Information

If you selected Model 2 in the previous question, please skip Question 18.

In Model 1, Musical Explorers partners are required to produce a set of culminating concerts for each semester featuring three different genres. Please name the genres you anticipate programming for the fall and spring semesters.
19. In Model 2, Musical Explorers partners are required to produce one set of culminating concerts featuring three different genres.
Program Information
26. From which grade levels do you anticipate serving students? Check all that apply.
27. Do you plan to implement the curriculum with classroom teachers, music teachers, or both?
28. Musical Explorers teachers are required to attend one mandatory professional development workshop facilitated by the partner organization. Who do you anticipate will lead the professional development workshop?
29. We strongly encourage having your artists present for your professional development workshop sessions. Will your artists be present for your workshops?
Concert Information

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