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New York City

2020–2021 Resources

Welcome to Musical Explorers! This curriculum is designed to connect students in grades K–2 to New York City’s rich and diverse musical community as they build fundamental music skills through listening, singing, and moving to songs from all over the world. During the next year, you and your students will meet six New York City–based artists who each represent a different musical genre and cultural tradition; many have reinvented these deeply rooted traditions to make them their own. Together, you will learn songs and dances that you will perform along with the artists during the culminating interactive concerts at the end of each semester.

Apply for the 2020–2021 Season

Fall 2020 Semester


Georgian Folk with Ilusha

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Shina Vorgil”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “Shen Genatsvale”

Native American with Martha

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Social Dances”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “40 Wheels”
Bongi and Tshidi

South African Zulu with Bongi and Tshidi

  • Lesson 1: Learning “Thula Mntwana” / “Nampaya Omame”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “Inqola”

Spring 2021 Semester

Villalobos Brothers

Son Jarocho with the Villalobos Brothers

  • Lesson 1: Learning “La Guacamaya”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “El Colás”

Sicilian Folk with Julia

  • Lesson 1: Lesson 1: “Rosa Canta e Cunta”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “Cu Ti Lu Dissi”

Calypso with Etienne

  • Lesson 1: Lesson 1: Learning “Mary Ann”
  • Lesson 2: Learning “J'ouvert Barrio”

Concert Experience

Participate with your students in a culminating interactive concert experience at the end of each semester.

Interactive Map

Discover the geographic roots of the musical genres featured in Musical Explorers through our interactive Around the World Map.

Fund II Foundation

Lead funding for Musical Explorers has been provided by Fund II Foundation, Linda and Earle S. Altman, Siegel Family Endowment, and Ralph W. and Leona Kern.

Additional lead funding for Musical Explorers has been graciously provided by JJR Foundation and JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation.


Major funding for Musical Explorers has been provided by The Walt Disney Company.

Additional support has been provided by The Edwin Caplin Foundation, Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, and KPMG LLP.

Musical Explorers is also made possible, in part, by an endowment gift from The Irene Diamond Fund.

The Weill Music Institute's programs are made available to a nationwide audience, in part, by an endowment grant from the Citi Foundation.

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