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Joy in Being a Creator

Violist Nathan Schram discusses his multifaceted career, including founding Musicambia, and joy in creating your own musical voice. The full playlist is also available on YouTube.

Joy in Being a Creator | The Connected Musician

Violist Nathan Schram discusses his multifaceted career, including founding Musicambia, and the joy in creating your own musical voice.

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Joy in Activating Creativity

Trumpeter and teaching artist Paul Murphy reflects on how his career bridges performance and music education, and the ways he finds joy in activating creativity in others.

Joy in Celebrating Community

Flutist Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington talks about the value of creating and celebrating community, and building a musical career that reflects your individual strengths.

Joy in Finding Balance

Percussionist David Skidmore speaks about the importance of finding balance when your passion becomes your career.

Joy in Collaboration

Cellist Hannah Collins reflects on inspirational moments in her career that have stemmed from collaboration and bringing new music to life.

Joy in Moments of Shared Humanity

Cellist Claire Bryant reflects on the power of music to elicit strong emotions and spark moments of shared humanity between performers and audiences.

Joy in Finding Your People

Cellist Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir talks about drawing inspiration from the people and communities around her in her performance career.

Joy in Performing Outside the Concert Hall

Pianist Alexandria Le describes meaningful musical experiences outside of traditional concert halls and how that inspired her to found her own nonprofit organization, Notes with a Purpose.

Joy in Being a Citizen Artist

Violinist Clara Lyon describes how her career allows her to showcase her values and views on what art can contribute to society.

Joy in Searching for Meaning

Violinist Anna Elashvilli speaks about the emotional power of music, and how searching for meaning in performance can help musicians grow.

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