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Weekly Workshops

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Musical Experience

Being in a Weekly Workshop does not require prior participation in a Future Music Project workshop or formal music training.

Workshop Choices

This year, we are offering four different Weekly Workshops in the Resnick Education Wing.

Concert Design
October 9 – June 18
Tuesdays, 4 PM–6:30 PM

Students explore the skills and outlets necessary to develop a creative, visual language for new music. Alongside professional visual artists and designers, students work to create a new concert experience, utilizing inventive lighting, projections, and graphics. In addition, through critical analysis and hands-on exercises involving digital collages, automated light cues, conceptual videos, and more, students work to create their own unique visual style.

Future Music Project Sampler Pack
October 10 – June 19
Wednesdays, 4 PM–6:30 PM

Students participate in units throughout the year to sample all of the Future Music Project Weekly Workshops. Starting with theory and ear training, students learn musicianship skills before working on songwriting and introduction to recording. Additionally, students take classes in best audition practices and performance. This is a great workshop for students who are new to Future Music Project, want to try more than one workshop, or want to learn basic musicianship skills.

October 10 – June 19
Wednesdays, 4 PM–6:30 PM

Students learn to write their own songs by crafting both lyrics and music. Students learn how to arrange music for multiple instruments, draft original charts, and learn to draw inspiration from everyday life into songs. This is a multi-instrument class where vocalists and instrumentalists work side by side with professional songwriters. This class is recommended for those who have some prior songwriting experience.

Digital Music Production
October 11 – June 20
Thursdays, 4 PM–6:30 PM

Students learn technical skills that include recording engineering design and production recording. Students also learn how to track and lay down original music while recording each other. All students work with professional producers, musicians, and DJs to create and record their own music. Prior experience with music production software is recommended.


Workshop Commitment

You must be able to commit to attending one two-and-a-half hour workshop every week. You will also be expected to perform and/or produce at least two Future Music Project–wide performances from October 2018 through June 2019.

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