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Zankel Hall Center Stage

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Zankel Hall Center Stage gets audiences closer to the action for a bold musical journey. Below are answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about the Center Stage experience.

What is Zankel Hall Center Stage?

Zankel Hall was built to accommodate multiple seating configurations. We are excited to reintroduce Center Stage, in which the seating areas encircle a lowered stage and the audience surrounds the artists. This configuration has not been presented since the 2003–2004 season.

What is the artistic purpose of this staging?

Center Stage provides performers and audiences alike the chance to share a more intimate and communal experience.

How will the stage be configured?

Each artist and ensemble will create their own unique presentation. In some cases, the performers may form a circle or move about the stage.

How high is the stage?

The stage is 15 inches high.

Are there any ticket discounts available?

Obstructed- and limited-view seats will be available closer to the date of each scheduled concert. Please visit the Box Office for availability and pricing. Other Carnegie Hall discount programs may also apply.

Why do all Center Stage concerts occur within a single week?

To best serve the many types of musical and artistic formats presented in Zankel Hall throughout the season, it is most efficient to offer the Center Stage configuration for a limited duration. In future seasons, this may fluctuate.

Will Center Stage concerts return in future seasons?

Our hope is to continue to make Center Stage a part of future seasons.


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