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Artist Focus on Clay Ross

Lesson One: Building a Frame

Clay introduces his band Ranky Tanky and talks about the origins of their song “All For You.”

Your Assignment

  1. Watch the video in which Clay Ross talks about his relationship with Gullah music from South Carolina and guitar playing from West Africa.
  2. Take special note of how Clay has identified specific aspects of these musical cultures that he is interested in including in his own music.
  3. Pay careful attention to Clay’s consideration of the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange.
  4. Now that you’ve heard about Clay’s musical loves and background, think of a song that you love and share some of what you love about it.
    • What is the name of the song?
    • Who is the author or songwriter of the song?
    • Where does the song come from culturally?
    • What is the mood of the song?
    • What ideas or feelings does the song communicate?
    • Are any of the lyrics especially meaningful to you?
    • Is there any part of this song that could inspire you to write a new song?

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Mazz Swift, Clay Ross, and Sarah Elizabeth Charles share their backgrounds and processes for creating music.

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Artist Focus on Clay Ross | Lesson Three: A Life of Its Own

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Artist Focus on Sarah Elizabeth Charles | Lesson Three: Growing My Idea

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