NYO Jazz

    Ages 16–19

    In the summer of 2018, gifted young jazz musicians from across the country will come together to study with and learn from world-class jazz musicians during the inaugural season of NYO Jazz. NYO Jazz gives young musicians the opportunity to perform as cultural ambassadors on an international stage and share a uniquely American musical genre with cultures around the world through an international tour each summer. Trumpet player Sean Jones, who is one of the field’s outstanding performer-composer-educators, will be the soloist and bandleader for NYO Jazz’s Carnegie Hall debut and inaugural European tour.

  • Application Information

    NYO Jazz invites young musicians (ages 16–19) to audition for its 2018 season. View audition requirements and apply for the ensemble.

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    Audition Video Guidelines

    Your audition video is a key element of your application to NYO Jazz. View helpful tips for recording your video.

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