• Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011

    Rhythm of Rajasthan Brings Traditional Folk Songs and Dances from India's Thar Desert Region to Carnegie Hall on Saturday, November 19

    On Saturday, November 19 at 8:30 p.m. in Zankel Hall, Rhythm of Rajasthan performs a lively evening of traditional and folk music and dance from the Great Thar Desert in Rajasthan—also known as the land of kings. The ensemble is comprised of hereditary caste musicians of Langa and Manganiyar communities and Gypsy dancers of the Kalbeliya tribe. This program, which reflects the centuries-old traditions of Rajasthani life, features a variety of folk and traditional sacred songs, poetry, and folk dances, including the Kalbeliya “snake-charming” dance and the popular Bhavai dance in which performers balance several earthen pots or brass pitchers as they dance. This performance is presented by Carnegie Hall in partnership with World Music Institute.

    Featured as part of the Rhythm of Rajasthan ensemble for this performance are: Lakha Khan Manganiyar (sarangi, or small skin-faced bowed lute); Kalla Khan Manganiyar (vocals and kamayacha or large skin-faced bowed lute); Kachra Khan Manganiyar (singer); Faqir Khan Manganiyar (dholak or double-headed barrel drum); Shakoor Khan Langa, (khartaal, algoza, and morchang, or wooden castanets, double-flute, and jaw’s harp); and dancers—sisters, Asha Sapera and Dhapu Devi; all under the direction of the group’s founder, Nitin Nath Harsh.

    Rajasthan, the “land of kings” situated in the northwest of India, is one of the largest states of India. The area is divided by a low mountain range known as the Aravalli Hills into two distinct regions—the fertile eastern region, and the western region which consists largely of the Great Thar Desert, an arid and semi-arid area that stretches across the border into Pakistan. Rajasthan has one of the liveliest folk traditions in India. The music is driven by pulsating rhythms created by an array of percussion instruments, and the music and dance are richly varied, representing the distinctive styles of the different groups that make up this desert land.

    About The Artists
    The ensemble Rhythm of Rajasthan is dedicated to the promotion and documentation of all traditional folk forms of Rajasthan and comprises renowned artists who have toured throughout the world. The ensemble was formed in 2007 by Nitin Nath Harsh, who was a disciple of the late legendary folklorist Padma Bhusan Komal Kothari. The ensemble Rhythm of Rajasthan has appeared at the First Rajasthan International Folk Festival; the India Festival in Amsterdam (organized by the Concertgebow); the International Sufi Music Festival in Amman, Jordan; the New York Gypsy Festival; the Chicago World Music Festival; and the Hollywood Bowl among many others.

    Program Information
    Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 8:30 p.m.
    Zankel Hall

    Rhythm of Rajasthan
    •• Lakha Khan Manganiyar, Sarangi
    •• Kalla Khan Manganiyar, Kamayacha and Vocals
    •• Kachra Khan Manganiyar, Vocals
    •• Faqir Khan Manganiyar, Dholak
    •• Shakoor Khan Langa, Khartaal, Algoza, and Morchang
    •• Asha Sapera, Dancer
    •• Dhapu Devi, Dancer
    •• Nitin Nath Harsh, Director

    Presented by Carnegie Hall in partnership with World Music Institute.

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