• Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage Rentals

    The inestimable Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage has seen innumerable historical concerts and events: the very first opening night in 1891, Horowitz’s sold-out 1965 recital, and Groucho Marx’s 1972 appearance at the twilight of his career are but a few. With five curvilinear levels that seat 2,804, Stern/Perelman has acoustics that have dazzled audiences and performers for over a century.

  • Stern Auditorium
  • The Details


    • Up to 90 days of Box Office and CarnegieCharge services (Licensee charged for additional services rendered or out-of-pocket mailing expenses)
    • Event listing and ticket sales on Carnegie Hall website (carnegiehall.org)
    • Use of house Steinway concert grand piano (tuning required at an additional charge)
    • Customary concert lighting
    • Backstage artists’ attendant during performance
    • Display of event fliers in lobby
    • Display of three-sheet poster promoting event (dimensions of poster: 80” long, 40” wide; viewing area: 74” long, 34” wide)
    • Complimentary 16-page section in house program (all performances for which tickets are sold)

    Hall Capacity

    Parquet: 1,021
    Blavatnik Family First Tier Boxes: 264
    Second Tier Boxes: 238
    Dress Circle: 444
    Balcony: 837
    Total: 2,804  

    Stage Measurements

    Depth: 42'