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By giving a gift membership to Carnegie Hall, you play a part in presenting great music, bringing music education to thousands, and sustaining this landmark facility. Get even closer to the music and increase your benefits by upgrading your membership level today!

By giving a gift to Carnegie Hall, you play a part in bringing music education to over 100,000 children and community members and supporting young musicians through the Professional Training Workshops. If you donate $500 or more, you are eligible for membership benefits.

Carnegie Hall Notables

The Carnegie Hall Notables is a membership group specifically created for music enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s. The Notables program celebrates music through intimate discussions with musicians, concerts, private performances, and exclusive Notables-only social gatherings.

Notables Prelude - $20
Notables Supporter - $500 ($430.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Sustainer - $1,000 ($860.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Patron - $2,000 ($1,800.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Carnegie Club - $2,500 ($2,255.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Carnegie Circle - $5,000 ($4,705.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Artist’s Circle - $10,000 ($9,705.00 tax-deductible)
Notables Chairman’s Circle - $15,000*
Notables Silver Circle - $20,000*
Notables Golden Circle - $25,000*
Notables Platinum Circle - $50,000*

* Tax-deductibility depends on concert sponsorship

Other Membership Options

Carnegie Hall Patrons
Patrons are leadership donors to Carnegie Hall’s Annual Fund and receive VIP privileges. Membership begins at $2,500.

Carnegie Hall Friends
The Friends are our core membership group. With levels beginning at just $100, members receive a number of great benefits designed to bring them even closer to the music.

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Corporate Matching

Increase your donation with your company’s matching gift program and you may receive additional benefits. To find out if your company participates, and the amount they will match, contact your company’s human resources department or call the Friends office at