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  • From the Archives: The Rolling Stones at Carnegie Hall, June 1964

    On June 20, 1964, four months after the Beatles made their much-heralded Carnegie Hall debut, their bad boy counterparts in the British Invasion, the Rolling Stones, took the stage at Carnegie Hall before a packed audience made up of mostly teenage girls. Their two shows that day reached a state of near-pandemonium, with girls “swinging their arms and shrieking and standing on their chairs and gyrating,” according to a fanzine about their 1964 tour called “Meet the Rolling Stones.” Keith Richards later said of the tour, “America was still very much into Frankie Avalon. There wasn't any thought of long-haired kids, we were just entertainment-business freaks, with long hair, just like a circus show.” These photos from “Meet the Rolling Stones” help show some of the circus show atmosphere that prevailed at Carnegie Hall on June 20, 1964.