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  • Explore the diversity of South Africa's musical culture that emphasizes community and inclusion—ideas fostered by the late Nelson Mandela—with artists such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Hugh Masekela, Angélique Kidjo, David Kramer, Dizu Plaatjies, and more.

  • Nelson Mandela: A Reflection
    Artists Abdullah Ibrahim, Angélique Kidjo, and Dizu Plaatjies reflect on Nelson Mandela.

    No Hate in Music
    Angélique Kidjo discusses her childhood and writing politically engaged music.

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    Africa’s Most Iconic Diva
    In a career that spanned five decades, she was a singer, actress, and political activist. She was Miriam Makeba, the most influential African diva of the 20th century. read more ›

    Twenty Years of Freedom
    Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Angélique Kidjo, David Kramer, and others reflect on the Apartheid era.

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    What Is Ubuntu?
    Roughly translated to mean “I am because you are.”
    read more ›

    Voice of South Africa
    Artists Abdullah Ibrahim, Dizu Plaatjies, William Kentridge, and others talk about the voice as a unifying element among South Africa's exhilarating diversity of sounds.

    Cape Malay Choirs
    Musician David Kramer explains the unique Cape Town tradition of Cape Malay Choirs.

    “Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way.”
    —Nelson Mandela

    William Kentridge: Paper Music
    Artist William Kentridge speaks about his upcoming Paper Music performance at Carnegie Hall.

    Abdullah Ibrahim talks about his composition, Mannenberg.

    Miriam Makeba in Exile
    Angélique Kidjo speaks about the life of Miriam Makeba.

    TK Blue on Cape Jazz
    Musician TK Blue reflects on Abdullah Ibrahim and Cape Jazz.

    “It’s really just a tradition of music. I play for people who don’t know anything about ‘jazz’ music, like me. It’s about using music to tell a story through Africa—so that story becomes universal.”

    David Kramer Reflecting on Apartheid
    Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer David Kramer looks back at the Apartheid era when much of his music was banned.

    The Influence of Miriam Makeba
    Angélique Kidjo speaks about the influence of Miriam Makeba on her own life and career.

    Dizu Plaatjies Plays the Umrhubhe
    Musician Dizu Plaatjies gives a demonstration on a traditional South African instrument call an umrhubhe.

    Championing South
    African Arts
    Trumpeter Hugh Masekela discusses why he has spent six decades championing South African arts and heritage.

    I Am Because You Are
    Musicians Abdullah Ibrahim, Dizu Plaatjies, and others speak about the concept of ubuntu.

    Abdullah Ibrahim at Carnegie Hall
    Pianist Abdullah Ibrahim reflects on his 1978 performance at Carnegie Hall during his time in exile.

    Hugh Masekela In NYC
    Trumpeter Hugh Masekela discusses his time in New York City with Miriam Makeba, to whom he was briefly married.

    Politically Inspired Artwork
    Artist William Kentridge discusses his approach to creating politically inspired artwork.

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    Zankel Hall Exhibit
    Throughout the festival, visit Zankel Hall to celebrate the expression of South Africa's visual arts community. read more›

    Jeremy Geffen Reflects on South Africa
    Jeremy Geffen, Carnegie Hall's Director of Artistic Planning, reflects on South Africa, the country of his birth.

    TK Blue Plays the Flute
    Musician and educator TK Blue performs his piece A Single Tear of Remembrance.

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    Homegrown: My South African Roots
    Vocalist Nicky Schrire shares her personal journey in the South African jazz landscape.  read more›

    Sounds Of South Africa
    Enjoy the sounds of Abdullah Ibrahim, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Hugh Masekela, Phuzekhemisi, and many others that will partake in UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa.


    Celebrating South African Jazz: Mbaqanga
    The Johannesburg-based band Uhadi introduce us to various forms of South African Jazz, including the style Mbaqanga.

    Celebrating South African Jazz: Ghoema
    The Johannesburg-based band Uhadi introduce us to various forms of South African jazz, including Cape Town's Ghoema.

    “We need a cultural revolution to give our people direction in a positive way through music.”
    Distant Drum 320x180

    A Distant Drum
    Librettist Christopher Hope and composer Ralf Schmid discuss A Distant Drum, a portrait of Nat Nakasa ...  read more›

    A Portrait of Nat Nakasa Curated by Daniel Hope
    Daniel Hope and his collaborators—his father and writer Christopher Hope, musical supervisor Andrew Tracey, music director and composer Ralf Schmid, director Jerry Mofokeng, and actors Nat Ramabulana and Christiaan Schoombie—discuss the work and what it means to them.

    20 years 320x180

    20 Years of Democracy and Music
    South Africa is a nation built on optimism even in the face of unrelenting adversity ...  read more›

    Kentridge 320x180

    William Kentridge on Paper Music
    Visual Artist William Kentridge discusses Paper Music, with music by Philip Miller ...  read more›

    Philip Miller 320x180

    Philip Miller on Paper Music
    South African composer Philip Miller discusses Paper Music, his latest collaboration with William Kentridge ...  read more›

    Kesivan 320x180

    The Evolution of Kesivan
    Librettist Christopher Hope and composer Ralf Schmid discuss A Distant Drum, a portrait of Nat Nakasa ...  read more›