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Making Music

Each concert in this series probes deeply into the music and thought of a leading composer of our day. This season, composer-in-residence Kaija Saariaho, holder of The Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair, provides commentary to her Making Music event, as does David Lang. In the third concert on this series, Carnegie Hall explores the work of Jörg Widmann.

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January 27, 2012
Making Music: David Lang
March 5, 2012
Making Music: Kaija Saariaho
May 3, 2012
Making Music: Jörg Widmann

Making Music: David Lang

Zankel Hall
Friday, January 27, 2012 | 6 PM


Commentary by David Lang
Theatre of Voices
·· Else Torp, Soprano
·· Miriam Andersén, Mezzo
·· Chris Watson, Tenor
·· Jakob Bloch Jespersen, Bass
·· Jonas Jensen, Sound Design
·· Paul Hillier, Artistic Director
Bryce Dessner, Vocals and Guitar
Shara Worden, Vocals and Guitar
Owen Pallett, Vocals and Violin
Nico Muhly, Keyboards
Jeremy Geffen, Series Moderator


the little match girl passion
death speaks (NY Premiere, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall)
In October 2007, Paul Hillier and Theatre of Voices premiered David Lang’s little match girl passion; only a few months later, it won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for music. On this concert, part of the Making Music series that focuses on today’s leading composers, Hillier and his acclaimed vocal group return to perform Lang’s poignant work, followed by some of today's most exciting independent rock musicians who give the New York premiere of a newly composed companion piece.


David Lang the little match girl passion

Theatre of Voices 
Audio Clips and Excerpts - Carnegie Hall's 2011-2012 Season

Making Music: Kaija Saariaho

Voix, Espace

Zankel Hall
Monday, March 5, 2012 | 6 PM


Kaija Saariaho, Composer
Solistes XXI
··Céline Boucard, Soprano
··Raphaële Kennedy, Soprano
··Maryseult Wieczorek, Soprano
··Sébastien Amadieu, Countertenor
··Laurent David, Tenor
··Edouard Hazebrouck, Tenor
··Jean-Sébastien Nicolas, Baritone
··Jean-Christophe Jacques, Baritone
Rachid Safir, Director
Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Video Artist
Jeremy Geffen, Series Moderator


Nuits, adieux
From the Grammar of Dreams
Tag des Jahrs
Residing in Paris since 1982, Kaija Saariaho has developed important artistic relationships that have furthered the range of her sensual, expressive musical art. Two of those partners join Carnegie Hall’s composer-in-residence on a concert that highlights her solo and ensemble vocal music, performed by ensemble Solistes XXI, paired with multimedia installations by Jean-Baptiste Barrière.


Kaija Saariaho's Nuits adieux 

Solistes XXI | Rachid Safir, Director
Kaija Saariaho's Lonh 

Solistes XXI | Rachid Safir, Director
Kaija Saariaho Miranda's Lament ("From the Grammar of Dreams")

Anu Komsi, Soprano
Kaija Saariaho's Tag des Jahrs 

Solistes XXI | Rachid Safir, Director

Making Music: Jörg Widmann

Zankel Hall
Thursday, May 3, 2012 | 6 PM


Jörg Widmann, Clarinet
Claron McFadden, Soprano
András Schiff, Piano
Shai Wosner, Piano
The Parker Quartet
·· Daniel Chong, Violin
·· Karen Kim, Violin
·· Jessica Bodner, Viola
·· Kee-Hyun Kim, Cello
Jeremy Geffen, Series Moderator


Fünf Bruchstücke
Versuch über die Fuge
In addition to being one of the world’s top clarinetists, Jörg Widmann is among today’s most exciting composers. His music draws inspiration from 19th-century Romanticism, but is no mere pastiche. It instead invigorates the musical gestures and conventions we take for granted by using them in entirely new ways. On this concert, part of the Making Music series that explores composers’ works and processes, you can hear Widmann’s “volatile, energized, and expressive” (Guardian) music—and his virtuosic clarinet playing.


Jörg Widmann Nachtstück for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Jörg Widmann, Clarinet; Jan Vogler, Cello; Ewa Kupiec, Piano
Berlin Classics