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Composer Club

In conjunction with Carnegie Hall’s 125th Anniversary celebration, this new membership level directly supports the 125 Commissions Project. Between the 2015 and 2020 seasons, at least 125 new works will be commissioned from leading composers—both established and emerging—and premiered at Carnegie Hall. New solo, chamber, and orchestral music from John Adams, Magnus Lindberg, Aaron Jay Kernis, Glenn Kotche, Brad Mehldau, Olga Neuwirth, and others will be featured. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of the following donors, we are able to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience.



  • Six complimentary rehearsal passes
  • Access our new Create Your Own Series option a full week before the general public

  • Special ticket offers for performances of commissioned works
  • Recognition in related print and online materials
  • Early access to subscriptions and single tickets before the general public. 
  • Half-price ticket offers on selected Carnegie Hall presentations
  • Invitations to cocktail parties, discussions, and other member-appreciation events
  • C Notes benefits guide and monthly Keynotes email newsletter
  • Discounts at nearby restaurants, parking, shops, hotels, and more
  • Composer members will be supporting the commissioning of at least 125 new works from leading composers of our time between the 2015–2016 and 2019–2020 seasons. These pieces will be premiered at Carnegie Hall.


$125 tax deductible Join

Thank You

Carnegie Hall recognizes the following members for their support of this unprecedented commissioning project.

Ms. Katharine Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Agisim
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Alfaro
Mr. Paul B. Allen
Ms. Shari Anderson
Mr. Alfredo Assad
Mr. Howard Back
Mr. Rudolph Baker
Mr. Stephen Balanut
Ms. Nancy Baldoni
Mr. Stephen Barcan
Ms. Lenore Barton
Mrs. Nancy Baumann
Mr. William Beck
Dr. Kurt Becker and Ms. Joyce E. Weinstein
Ms. Maribel Becker
Ms. Andrea Behrens
Jonathan Bell
Ms. Carrol Belloni
Cynthia Bergen
Mr. Anthony Berson
Dr. Wendy Biderman
Carol Binkowski
Jeannette Blaquiere
Mr. Louis Boivin
Ms. Marilyn A. Boll
Mr. Bruce S. Bolter
Mr. James Bonamassa
Ms. Arlette Bonifaci
Ms. Michiko Boyer
Mr. Bruce J. Breimer and Ms. Lorna Doran
Ms. Susan Brenner
Ms. Susan Brodie
Mr. Charles E. Brogdon
Ms. Ann Brooke
Barry Brown and Jenny Gerard
Dr. Lawrence O. Brown
Ms. Pamela Brown
Mr. Lucas Burnat and Ms. Gabrielle Mulvihill
Ms. Rochelle J. Busch
Miss Janet Cain
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Campbell
Ms. Kim Caraway
Mr. and Dr. Stephen Cellum
Ms. Ulrike Chambers
Ms. Ruth Chester
Mr. Lawrence Chien
Mr. Thomas Chu and Ms. Janeling Hom
Mr. Peter Ciaschini
Mr. Richard D. Cieslak
Richard Cipolla
Mr. Stephen Cirona
Dr. James Conely
Mr. Paul Connors
Ms. Marie Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cowles
Ms. Geri Coyle
Ms. Nathalie Cunningham and Ms. Ann Saydlowski
Ms. Cynthia Curran
Mr. James J. Curry Jr.
Mr. John Dagostino
Mr. Joseph Darone and Mr. Peter Harvey
Mr. Theoharis L. David
Mr. Gregory T. Davis
Ms. Marydene Davis
Kevin Deemer
Mr. John Deewall
Ms. Nina B. Defels
Dr. Anna Derman
Ms. Sibylle DeRosa
Mr. Kapil Desai
Mr. John M. Dewey
Dr. Tineke D'Haeseleer
Ms. Marie A. DiRocco
Mr. Kenneth Diamondstone
Mrs. Maria Theresa Dizon-de Vega
Mr. Arnold Dolin
Ms. Kathleen Dorosz
Mr. Christopher Dowd
Ms. Jacqueline M. Dube
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Edelman
Mr. David Eisenband
Mrs. Patricia Elliott
David H. Elwell
Ms. Frances C. Engoron
Mr. John M. Enock
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Erenburg
Mr. Richard Erstad
Mrs. Beate Erwin
Dr. Pang-Dian Fan
Mrs. Ellen K. Farren
Dr. Romana Farrington
Mr. Nassir Fazal
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Feigelson
Mrs. Linda Feldman
Mr. Robert Fenyo
Mr. William Ferguson
Ms. Grace M. Fioravanti
Ms. Ingeborg Fischer
Ms. Jeanne Fishman
Mr. Walter Foery
Ms. and Ms. Joanne F. Fogarty
Mrs. Catherine Forbes
Mr. Steven Fraccaro
Mrs. Ana Franco
Mrs. Jean Franco
Ms. Ellen Freilich


Mr. William Furey
Mrs. Fran Gandia
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Garrigan
Mr. Edward Geffner
Mr. Joseph Gherardi
Dr. John D. Giampietro
Mr. Stephen A. Gilbert
Mr. Timothy Gilles
Mr. Tom Gitaa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gittleman
Mr. Mark Goldenberg
Mr. David Goodkind
Ms. Carol A. Goodman
Dr. Ann Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gordon
Ms. Barbara Grabow
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grand
Ms. Judith Greenstone
Cameron Gregg
Ms. Susan Grimes
Mr. Paul Grimstad
Ms. Sibyl Groff
Mr. Peter Gross
Mr. Robert Gunhouse
Eva Hachem
Ms. Dena Harris
Waveney Hart
Mr. Paul Henson
Mrs. Elsa Heroux
Mr. Claude Hersh
Dr. Frima Fox Hofrichter
Mr. George Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Horowitz
Mrs. Celia Idelchik
Ms. Yekaterina Ivanova
Mr. Jerald W. Johnson and Ms. Leana Kleinman
Ms. Tilli Jung-Raynor
Mr. Mace Justice
Ms. Linda Parnes Kahn
Mr. Richard Kaluzny
Mrs. Susan Kang
Mr. M. Howard Kaplan
Mr. Richard Karpen
Ms. Nanette B. Kelekian
Mr. Robert Kellerman
Mr. Kevin P. Kellogg
Miss Angela Kim
Ms. Joan Kisylia
Ms. Virgilia Klein
Ms. Theresa M. Kobel
Ms. Sheila Kolodny
Ms. Dorothy Korek
Dr. Eugene Krauss
Ms. Carolee Kruse
Ms. Edith S. Kubicek
Ms. Michaela Kurz
Ms. Trudy K. Lampert
Ms. Carolanne Lang
Ms. Lois M. Lazzarino
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Leviatin
Ms. Eve A. Levy
Mr. Arthur Lewis
Ms. Karen Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Liebman
Mr. Howard Lien
Dr. Aubrey Lucas PhD
Ms. Diana Lynn
Ms. Jayne Maerker
Ms. Laurene Mahon
Ms. Lynne Malina
Ms. Natalie Malone
Mr. James Mandel and Mrs. Irina Mashlenko
Mrs. Ewa Manuszak
Mr. Scott Manville
Mr. Eric Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Marcus
Ms. Martha Markus
Annette Marom
Ms. Isabelle Marsico
Dr. Leon C. Martel
Mr. Harry M. Matthews Jr.
Mr. Logan McClellan
Mrs. Kendra V. McDaniel
Mr. Jesse McGowan
Mr. Howard McMaster
Ms. Maureen W. Meade
Mr. Louis K. Meisel
Mr. Joel Mercurio
Ms. Lynne Metty
Mrs. Sara Miles
Ms. Deborah MIntz
Mr. Kevin Montoya
Mr. John Moore
Lisa A. Morris
Ms. Patricia Morris
Mr. Daniel Morrison and Ms. Pearl Spiro
Mr. John F. Morrison
Ms. Judith Moses
Patricia and Thomas G. Muldoon
Mrs. Patricia Napolitano
Ms. Brenda Neville
Mr. Lawrence Ng
Ms. Yuka Nishino
Ms. Virginia Nunez
Mr. Robert Nussbaum
Mr. and Mr. Alan Olshan
Ms. Lucette Ostergren
Mr. Raymond Ottusch
Oyeniran Oyedeji
Phyllis Pack


Linda Padell
Ms. Sue Pak
Miss Jelica C. Parker
Mr. Edward Parran
Ms. Elaine Pascu
Mr. Michael R. Passarella
John and Sachi Patitucci
Mr. John Patterson
Ms. Ilka Peck
Mrs. Sagrario Perez-Soto
Ms. Deborah Pheasant
Mr. David Pierson
Mr. Barry Pincus
Mr. and Ms. Frank Piscitelli
Ms. Maria Plochocki
Dr. Lorenzo Polvani
Mr. Nicholas Polydorou
Dr. Agnes Quinones
Ms. M. B. Reagan
Dr. Everett Reff
Ms. Mary K. Reichhardt
Dr. Francisco I. Reyes
Ms. Carla Rich
Mrs. Sharon D. Rider
Ms. Betty R. Rimm
Mr. David J. Rimmer
Ms. Elaine Ritchie
Jane Roberts
Ms. Sheri Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Roddy
Dr. Rolando F. Rodriguez
Mr. Richard Rosenberg and Ms. Margaret Clemons
Ms. Joan Rosenblatt
Mrs. Judith Rubin
Maryann Russo
Ms. Luci Ryan
Alison Ryley
Mr. Andrew Sabene
Mr. David Sachs
Mr. David Scarlett
Mr. David Schlapbach
Ms. Yoona Seon
Aleena Shapiro
Mr. Ben Shperling
Mr. Andrew Siegel
Mrs. Olia Sileo
Mrs. Abby Silvan
Mr. Adam Silverman
Mrs. Susan Silverstein
Ms. Adrienne S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sobotka
Mr. Joel Spector
Dr. Jeffrey Spencer
Ms. Margaret Spratt
Ms. Lourdes Sta Maria
Mrs. Donna Stamm
Mrs. Areopi Stathatos
Mr. Stanley M. Stern
Ms. Helga Strasser
Mr. Jerome Strassler
Ms. Maureen Sullivan
Ms. Nancy Sullivan
Ms. Amy Sung
Mr. Kozo Suzuki
Ms. Helen Tannenbaum
Mr. Ira Tannenbaum
Ms. Marie A. Tarantino
Mr. Michael Taubman
Ms. Polina Tavrovskaya
Mr. Ronald Taylor
Ms. Rafaela Tennyson
Jo E. Terrell
Ms. Kathleen Thomson and Mr. William Moss
Mr. Edward Todd and Mr. Charles Matlock
Mr. Marvin Topolsky
Mr. John Torrenti
Michael Tosatti
Mr. and Mrs. Balint Toth
Ms. Joyce Toy
Mr. Peter Trinkle
Mr. Kenichi Tsuda and Dr. Daniel J. Smith
Joanna R. Tumpalan
Ms. Helen A. Turner
Mr. Robert Turner
Ms. Hannelore H. Uhl
Ms. Susan Van Doren
Mr. Ed Van Eeckhout
Mr. Curtis C. Van Valkenburgh
Mrs. and Mr. Lynn Vassar
Mrs. Grace P. Vetrano
Ms. Sylvia von Helldorff
Ms. Johanna Wall
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Warshower
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Waxman
Mr. Michael Weinberger
Mrs. Tatiana Whytelord
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wilder
Ms. Jeannie Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Williams
Mr. Frank Wilson
Mr. Martin Wilson
Emily Wood
Mr. Richard Wyman
Ms. Irina Yagudayeva
Miss Yiren Yang
Mr. Max Yuan
Mr. Anastasio Zapanti
Ms. Zhenling Zhang
Ms. Dorathea Zoppo


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