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  • Carnegie Hall Presents
  • ZH Zankel Hall
  • SA/PS Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
  • REW Resnick Education Wing
  • WRH Weill Recital Hall
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 11:30 AM WRH
  • Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International 2 PM SA/PS
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 3:30 PM WRH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 7:30 PM WRH
  • Distinguished Concerts Singers International 7 PM SA/PS
  • Jorge Saade, Violin
    Juan Carlos Escudero, Piano
    8 PM WRH
  • Bomsori Kim, Violin 7:30 PM WRH
  • Revelations 7 PM Offsite
  • Andreea Soare, Soprano 8 PM WRH
  • Laura Alonso Padin, Soprano
    Yelena Kurdina, Piano
    8 PM WRH
Dec  1
  • Neighborhood Concert: Kiran Ahluwalia 7:30 PM Offsite
  • Alexi Kenney, Violin
    Renana Gutman, Piano
    7:30 PM WRH
  • Benefit Concert for The Natural Resources Defense Council & The Way of the Rain 8 PM SA/PS
  • 14th Russian Music Competition 11:30 AM WRH
  • 14th Russian Music Competition 3:30 PM WRH
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra 7 PM SA/PS
  • 14th Russian Music Competition 7:30 PM WRH
  • Parker Millsap
    Sara Watkins
    9 PM ZH
  • Alaria Chamber Ensemble 2 PM WRH
  • Vienna Boys Choir 2 PM SA/PS
  • Neighborhood Concert: Attacca Quartet 4 PM Offsite
  • Sejong Soloists Annual Gala Concert 7:30 PM ZH
  • Sandro De Palma, Piano 7:30 PM WRH
  • Brooklyn Orchestra 7:30 PM ZH
  • Seunghee Lee, Clarinet, and Friends 8 PM WRH
  • A Notables-Exclusive Event: Julian Lage, Guitar 7 PM ZH
  • Ensemble Connect 7:30 PM WRH
  • Festival Chamber Music Concert Series 8 PM WRH
  • Mannes Sounds Festival 7:30 PM WRH
  • Neighborhood Concert: Jazzmeia Horn: A Social Call 7:30 PM Offsite
  • Janine Jansen and Friends 7:30 PM ZH
  • Orchestra of St. Luke’s 8 PM SA/PS
  • American Composers Orchestra 7:30 PM ZH
  • Andrei Bondarenko, Baritone
    Gary Matthewman, Piano
    7:30 PM WRH
  • The Philadelphia Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • Morris Music Academy Student and Faculty Showcase 1 PM WRH
  • Janine Jansen and Friends 7:30 PM ZH
  • The Cecilia Chorus of New York with Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
  • Chamber Orchestra of New York 8 PM WRH
  • AFAF Winners Concert 11:30 AM WRH
  • AFAF Winners Concert 3:30 PM WRH
  • 2017 Richard Tucker Gala 6 PM SA/PS
  • AFAF Winners Concert 7:30 PM WRH
  • Andy Cooney's Christmas Celebration 8 PM SA/PS
  • Musical Tribute to Paderewski & Pilsudski 8 PM WRH
  • Maria Guleghina, Soprano 7 PM SA/PS
  • Amine J. Hachem, Tenor 8 PM WRH
  • Sing Along: The Music of Stevie Wonder 8 PM SA/PS
  • Young People's Chorus Of New York City Winter Wonder 7 PM SA/PS
  • Jeeyoon Kim, Piano 7:30 PM WRH
  • Open Working Rehearsal: The New York Pops 2 PM SA/PS
  • The Princeton Nassoons' Holiday Concert 8 PM WRH
  • The New York Pops 8 PM SA/PS
  • Tour 11 AM Carnegie Hall Various Times
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 11:30 AM WRH
  • Carnegie Hall Family Concert: My City, My Song 12 PM ZH
  • Carnegie Hall Family Concert: My City, My Song 3 PM ZH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 3:30 PM WRH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 7:30 PM WRH
  • The New York Pops 8 PM SA/PS
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 11:30 AM WRH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 3:30 PM WRH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 7:30 PM WRH
  • Garden State Philharmonic 8 PM SA/PS
  • Jamie Barton, Mezzo-Soprano
    Kathleen Kelly, Piano
    7:30 PM ZH
  • New York New Fusion Music Festival 8 PM WRH
  • Oratorio Society of New York
    HANDEL Messiah
    8 PM SA/PS
  • Three Tenors from Around the World and Friends 7:30 PM WRH
  • SING! An Irish Christmas with Keith & Kristyn Getty and Friends 8 PM SA/PS
  • Musica Sacra
    HANDEL Messiah
    7:30 PM SA/PS
  • Gi Yeon Koh, Violin and Viola 8 PM WRH
  • New York Musician's Center Student and Faculty Holiday Showcase 7:30 PM WRH
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 1 PM WRH
  • North Coast Piano Competition Winners Recital 7:30 PM WRH
  • The Masterwork Chorus and Orchestra
    HANDEL Messiah
    8 PM SA/PS
  • American Protégé Winners Recital 1 PM WRH
  • New York String Orchestra 7 PM SA/PS
  • Union City Orchestra with Young Artists 8 PM WRH
  • Katya Grineva, Piano 8 PM SA/PS
  • New York String Orchestra 8 PM SA/PS
Jan  1
  • Narrative and Counter-Narrative: (Re)defining the 1960s 9 AM Offsite
  • Ensemble Connect 7:30 PM Offsite
  • Neighborhood Concert: Sinkane 5 PM Offsite

Composer Club

In conjunction with Carnegie Hall’s 125th Anniversary celebration, this new membership level directly supports the 125 Commissions Project. Between the 2015 and 2020 seasons, at least 125 new works will be commissioned from leading composers—both established and emerging—and premiered at Carnegie Hall. New solo, chamber, and orchestral music from John Adams, Magnus Lindberg, Aaron Jay Kernis, Glenn Kotche, Brad Mehldau, Olga Neuwirth, and others will be featured. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of the following donors, we are able to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience.


  • $125
  • $125 - $125


  • Six complimentary rehearsal passes
  • Special ticket offers for performances of commissioned works
  • Recognition in related print and online materials
  • Early access to subscriptions and single tickets before the general public
  • Half-price ticket offers on selected Carnegie Hall presentations
  • Invitations to cocktail parties, discussions, and other member-appreciation events
  • C Notes benefits guide and monthly Keynotes email newsletter
  • Discounts at nearby restaurants, parking, shops, hotels, and more
  • Composer members will be supporting the commissioning of at least 125 new works from leading composers of our time between the 2015–2016 and 2019–2020 seasons. These pieces will be premiered at Carnegie Hall.


$116 tax deductible Join

Thank You

Carnegie Hall recognizes the following members for their support of this unprecedented commissioning project.

Ms. Susan Abuhaidar
Dr. Grisel Y Acosta
Ms. Katharine Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Agisim
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ainsworth
Ms. Suzanne Aisenberg
Dr. and Mrs. William Alexander
Mr. Paul B. Allen
Anthony Alofsin PhD
Ms. Janet Anderson
Mr. Charles Angielczyk
Mr. Alexander Apostolopoulos
Mr. Jonathan Art
Mr. Howard Back
Ms. Nancy Baldoni
Ms. Lenore Barton
Mr. Andrew Bata
Ms. Joan Bauer
Dr. Kurt Becker and Ms. Joyce E. Weinstein
Mr. Dennis Behm
Dr. Roxana Belciu-Kerns MD
Mr. James Bonamassa
Ms. Arlette Bonifaci
Thomas Bornn
Cynthia Borys
Mr. Richard Bourgerie
Ms. Michiko Boyer
Mrs. Constance H. Boykan
Mr. Bruce J. Breimer and Ms. Lorna Doran
Ms. Susan Brenner
Mr. Peter R. Brest
Ms. Patricia Broderick
Barry Brown and Jenny Gerard
Mr. Charles Brown
Dr. Lawrence O. Brown
Ms. Susan W. Burden
Mr. John Burkhart
Ms. Elizabeth Butson
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Campbell
Mr. P. K. K. Caporrino
Mr. and Dr. Stephen Cellum
Ms. Alicia Celorio
Mr. Shiuan Chang
Ms. Yisha Chen
Ms. Ruth Chester
Richard Cipolla
Mr. Jonathan S. Clark
Mr. Marshall J. Cohen
Mr. Elliott Coley
Mr. Mark Coller
Dr. James Conely
Ms. and Mr. Christine Cowles
Ms. Nathalie Cunningham and Ms. Ann Saydlowski
Ms. Cynthia Curran
Mr. Stephen Cuunjieng
Mr. Christopher E. Czerwonka
Dr. Cristina M. Daian
Mr. Joseph Darone and Mr. Peter Harvey
Mr. Paul Dashefsky
Mr. Theoharis L. David
Ms. Marydene Davis
Ms. Rosalie DeCaro
Kevin Deemer
Ms. Nina B. Defels
Dr. Tineke D'Haeseleer
Ms. Marie A. Di Rocco
Mr. Kenneth Diamondstone
Mrs. Dana R. Diersen
Mrs. Maria Theresa Dizon-de Vega
Ms. Kathleen Dorosz
Mr. Christopher Dowd
Mrs. Meera Drelich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Duff
Ms. Karoline Durr
Kim Eberlein
Ms. Bonnie Edwards
Ms. Pia Ehrhardt
Ms. Melanie Eisen
Ms. Sarah Eliya
Mrs. Patricia Elliott
Ms. Jan Ellis
Mr. Lewis Enker
Mr. John M. Enock
Mrs. Beate Erwin
Mr. David Estrakh
Drs. George and Romana Farrington
Mr. Frank Farrow
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Feigelson
Ms. Cheryl Feld
Ms. Rachel Feldman
Dr. Martin Feldstein
Mr. William Ferguson
Ms. Ingeborg Fischer
Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald
Ms. Hillary Fleming
Ms. Marjorie A. Flory
Mr. Walter Foery
Ms. Cheryl A. Fong
Mrs. Catherine Forbes
William A Fordyce
Mr. Michael Forero and Mr. Michael A. De Lucia
Mr. Stephen Foster
James Francis
Mrs. Joanna G. Frank
Dr. Mio Fredland MD
Ms. Naomi Freistadt
Mr. Douglas Friedman
Mr. Leonard W. Fuchs
Mr. William Furey
Mendelsohn, Gantzhorn
Dr. Daniel Gardner
Mr. Timothy Gilles
Mr. and Mrs. David Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gittleman

Mr. David L. Glass
Mr. Mark Goldenberg
Ms. Carol A. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gordon
Ms. Barbara Grabow
Ms. Fiona Grace
Mr. William A. Greenlaw
Mr. Joshua Greenly
Cameron Gregg
Ms. Theresa Griffith
Mr. James B. Grosvenor
Christopher Grundy
Dr. Gabriele Grunig
Miss Jingge Guan
Mr. Michael Guarino
Gerald Guidera
Ms. Katherine Haroldson
Ms. Dena Harris
Mrs. Frances Harris
Mr. Ansell Hawkins
Mr. Paul Henson
Mrs. Elsa Heroux
Ms. Julianne K. Hirsh
Mrs. Susan Hochenberg
Mr. Bernard Hoffer
Mr. Kenneth E. Holden
Mr. Gary Hollingsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Horowitz
Mr. Derek Hunt
Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra
Dr. SJ Hussey
Mr. Peter Hutchings and Ms. Martha Wolfgang
Ms. Marion E. Huxley and Ms. Carol A. Gillespie
Mr. Tuan Huynh
Ms. Jess Irish
Ms. Lovell Jerzabek
Mr. Jerald W. Johnson and Ms. Leana Kleinman
Mr. Alan Jones
Ms. Tilli Jung-Raynor
Ms. Vivian Jurich
Mr. Mace Justice
Mr. Richard Kaluzny
Mr. Christopher Kan
Mr. Dewey Kang
Mrs. Susan Kang
Mr. David Karabell
Richard Karpen
Dr. Robert Kavesh and Ms. Danielle Nisivoccia
Ms. Tracy Kawabata
Ms. Nanette B. Kelekian
Kyle Kilness
Miss Angela Kim
Ms. Joan Kisylia
Ms. Enid Klass
Ms. Ilene Klasson
Dr. Howard Kleckner
Ms. Virgilia Klein
Ms. Theresa M. Kobel
Ms. Sheila Kolodny
Ms. Dorothy Korek
Mr. Milan Krainchich
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Krieger
Ms. Carol Kruse
Ms. Shashi Kumara
Ms. Michaela Kurz
Mrs. Helaine Kushner
Ms. Laura E. Layton
Mr. Lee Lemere
Ms. Nancy Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Leviatin
Ms. Karen Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Ira Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Liebman
Mrs. Margot Linton
Ms. Shana Litt
Dr. Shawn Lu
Mr. Benjamin J. Luft
Mr. Dana Luikart
Mr. Mark Macaluso
Ms. Marilyn Macron
Ms. Laurene Mahon
Mr. Satoru Manabe
Mr. James Mandel and Mrs. Irina Mashlenko
Mr. Eric Marcus
Ms. Marjorie Marks
Ms. Martha Markus
Mr. Roger Martinez
Mr. Eddie A. Matthew
Mr. Harry M. Matthews Jr.
Mr. David W. Mayger
Mr. Charles McMahon
Lynn Meltzer
Mr. Robert Mervos
Ms. Lynne Metty
Mr. Juan Meyer
Mr. Charles Miller
Mr. Jonathan Mills and Mr. David Drinkwater
Ms. Mia Minen
Dr. Alexander Mirescu
Mr. John Moore
Lisa A. Morris
Mr. Robert Morris
Mr. Daniel Morrison and Ms. Pearl Spiro
Mr. John F. Morrison
Ms. Maika Nakaoka
Mrs. Patricia Napolitano
Jose Nario
Mr. Lawrence Ng
Mr. Dan Nguyen
Ms. Virginia Nunez
Mr. Gary O'Connor and Elizabethanne Spiotta
Ms. Susan O'Dell
Chika Okamoto
Oyeniran Oyedeji

Linda Padell
Miss Jelica C. Parker
Mrs. Sagrario Perez-Soto
Mr. Jerome W. Pickholz
Dr. Sean D. Pierce
Paul Pincus
Mr. and Ms. Frank Piscitelli
Ms. Penelope Pi-Sunyer
Teresa Polecka
Mr. Christopher J. Polite
Dr. Lorenzo Polvani
Mr. Nicholas Polydorou
Ms. Lisa Ponak
Mr. Javier D. Proietto
Ms. Katie Rains
Ms. M. B. Reagan
Ms. Carla Rich
Mr. Geoffrey Rich
Mr. Yosef Riemer and Ms. Vitina Biondo
Ms. Betty R. Rimm
Mr. David J. Rimmer
Mr. Adam Ring
Ms. Jane Roberts
Ms. Pamela Roberts
Roxlyn Robinson
Sheri D. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Roddy
Mr. and Ms. Naya Rodríguez-Castiñado
Ms. Kristen Romano
Mr. Richard Rosenberg and Ms. Margaret Clemons
Joel Rosenman
Ms. Victoria Roth
Mrs. Judith Rubin
Mr. Douglas Russell
Maryann Russo
Timothy D. Ruszala
Mr. David Sachs
Mr. Arnold Saks
Mr. David Sapp
Mr. James Savage
Mr. and Ms. Oscar Schachter
Mr. C. Barry Schaefer
Ms. Jonna Schaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Schneewind
Ms. Beth Schoenbrun
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Schulman
Dr. Judith Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Satyarth P. Sethi
Ms. Aline Shehigian
Mrs. Emily Sheinfeld
Ms. Masako Shiono
Ms. Barbara Shostak
Ms. Dorothy Shuford
Mrs. Olia Sileo
Ms. Wanda Simon
Miss Kiara Simpao
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Singer
Edward Smith
Ms. Louise J. Sorel
Ms. Paula R. Sorrentino
TJ Stanton
Ambassador and Mrs. Craig R. Stapleton
Ms. Margery Steinberg
Mr. Michael Steinberg
Mr. James Steinmetz
Mr. Craig Stephenson
Mr. Herbert Stevens
Mr. Geoffrey Storr
Mr. Jerome Strassler
Mr. Daniel Suarez
Mr. Samuel Sussman
Ms. Helen Tannenbaum
Mr. Michael Taubman
Mr. Patrick Teubner
Ms. Brooke Tjarks
Mr. Edward Todd and Mr. Charles Matlock
Mr. John Torrenti
Dr. Maria Tortolani
Michael Tosatti
Ms. Joyce Toy
Ms. Betsy Traubman
Ms. Hungling Tung
Ms. Clorinda Valenti
Ricardo Valle
Ed Van Eeckhout
Jura Vizbaras
Ms. Sylvia von Helldorff
Mr. Richard Waddell
Dr. David Wah PhD
Ms. Joan Waricha
Mr. Albert Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Waxman
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Weidman
Mr. Michael Weinberger
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Weisberg
Ms. Nancy B. Wilken
Ms. Jeannie Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Williams
Mr. Paul Winch
Mr. Richard Winger
Ms. Sylvia G. Winrich
A R. Wollen
Ms. Sylvia Wong
Mr. Eric Wood
Miss Agnieszka Wroblewska
Ms. Irina Yagudayeva
Ms. Michiko Yokote
Ms. Terri Young
Mr. Siqing Yu
Miss Wang Yuan
Tasso Zapanti
Ms. Elena Zeitlinger
Dr. Christian M. Zembower

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