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Individual Donors

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our donors, we are able to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience. We especially want to thank:

Platinum Circle | Golden Circle | Silver Circle | Chairman's Circle | Artist's Circle
Carnegie Circle | Carnegie Club | Sustainer

Platinum Circle ($100,000 or more)

Linda and Earle S. Altman
Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass
Luciano and Giancarla Berti
Blavatnik Family Foundation
Booth Ferris Foundation
Beatrice and Nicola Bulgari
Valentino D. Carlotti
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Evnin
Estate of Joan Castaño Ferioli
Ford Foundation
Marina Kellen French and the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
Mrs. Sylvia Friedman
Fund II Foundation
Clive Gillinson
Howard Gilman Foundation
Max H. Gluck Foundation
The Marc Haas Foundation / Helen Hotze Haas Foundation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Joan Harris, The Irving Harris Foundation 
The Hearst Foundations
Daniel Clay Houghton
Maral and Sarkis Jebejian
JJR Foundation
Leona Kern
The Kovner Foundation
Bruce and Suzie Kovner



Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
Leslie and Tom Maheras
Andrew J. Martin-Weber
The Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Family Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Whitney and Clarke Murphy
Estate of Evelyn Nethercott
Estate of Doris M. Ohlsen
Annette de la Renta
Judith and Burton P. Resnick
Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation
Phyllis and Charles Rosenthal
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations
Ms. Sana Sabbagh (Member, Explorers)
The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation 
Mrs. Julio Mario Santo Domingo
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Shuman
David M. Siegel and Dana Matsushita
Hope and Robert F. Smith
Sarah Billinghurst Solomon and Howard Solomon 
Sir Martin Sorrell and Lady Cristiana Falcone,  JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation
S. Donald Sussman
Mr. Richard Tsai and Ms. Maggie Ueung Tsai 
Igor Tulchinsky
Robert L. Turner
Joan and Sanford I. Weill
Anonymous (2)



Platinum Circle ($50,000 to $99,999)

Arison Arts Foundation
The Jack Benny Family Foundation
E. H. A. Foundation
Enoch Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Carl Jacobs Foundation
Estate of Carolyn Kane
The Kresge Foundation



Martha and Bob Lipp
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Lundgren 
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Suki Sandler
Tracy Chutorian Semler and Eric Semler Shubert Foundation
Dr. James H. and Marilyn H. Simons 
Anonymous (2)



Golden Circle ($25,000 to $49,999)

Ardian US Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Benenson
Bialkin Family Foundation
Ronald E. Blaylock
The Edwin Caplin Foundation
The Ralph M. Cestone Foundation
Mrs. Judith Chasanoff
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Debs
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
 EGL Charitable Foundation
Jean-Marie and Elizabeth Eveillard
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fried
Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale Hemmerdinger
Mrs. Klaus Jacobs
Stella and Robert Jones
Mrs. Andrea Klepetar-Fallek
The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation
A. L. and Jennie L. Luria Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse Jr.
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund
Linda and Stuart Nelson
Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and Joseph Neubauer



The Oni Zazen Collection
The Polonsky Foundation
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Resnick
Mr. Jay B. Rosenberg
Jean and Melanie Salata
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg L. Schenker
Marge Scheuer and Family
Mr. Peter William Schweitzer
Drs. Thomas and Cynthia Sculco
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Seidler
Paul Sekhri and Mark Gude (Members, Life Sciences Council)
Jeanne and Herbert Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Silverstein
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith
James Thurmond Smithgall
Mr. Jolyon F. Stern and Mrs. Nelle Nugent 
Vital Projects Fund
Mary Ellen and Karl von der Heyden 
The Weiler Fund
George and Joyce Wein Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Winter
Mr. Simon D. Yates
Judy Francis Zankel
Anonymous (3)



Silver Circle ($20,000 to $24,999)

Mr. David Bottoms
Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Mary Jane Wahl Gearns Foundation 
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
Judith-Ann Corrente and Willem Kooyker 
Sylvia and Leonard Marx Jr.



Michael E. Liebowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Viñoly
The Wallace Foundation
The Isak and Rose Weinman Foundation



Chairman's Circle ($15,000 to $19,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Ax
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
Mr. Norton Belknap
Mr. H. S. Beau Bogan and Mr. Elliot M. Friedman 
Ruth and Louis S. Brause
Norman Brinker Fund of the Communities
Foundation of Texas
James G. Brooks Jr. and Yann Coatanlem
Ms. Barbara G. Fleischman
Mr. Seth E. Frank, in memory of Dr. Robert Mellins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Friedman
Jane and Charles Goldman
Dr. Lynne Harrison
Ms. Adriana Herrera
Hermione Foundation



Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation 
Mr. Arthur L. Loeb
Mrs. Nancy A. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Parrett
Jane and Paul Rittmaster
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Rosen
Robert and Susan Summer
Mrs. Douglas D. Thomas
Mr. Carlos Tome and Ms. Theresa Kim 
Trust for Mutual Understanding 
Svetlana and Herbert Wachtell Foundation 
Jeanette Sarkisian and Paul A. Wagner 
Neil Westreich
Chris and Lonna Yegen
Anonymous (2)



Artist's Circle ($10,000 to $14,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Riad Abrahams (Members, Explorers) 
Marilyn and Robert Abrams
Mrs. Robert Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Burnside E. Anderson III
The Arnow Family Fund
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beaury
Peggy and Paul Bernstein
Mr. Murat M. Beyazit (Member, Explorers)
Ms. Gail Binderman
Mr. Kim D. Bleimann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burch
Len and Heather Cariou
Ms. Elizabeth de Cuevas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. DiMenna
Marjorie and Alan F. Doniger
First Eagle Investment Management Foundation 
The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Feinstein
Cynthia and Herbert Fields
Mr. David A. Fox
Mr. L. Jay Grossman Jr.
Lee Hallman
Edward I. Herbst
Mr. Thomas Ho and Ms. Mabel Chan
Mr. Matthew I. Holtzman
Jephson Educational Trusts
Mr. Stuart M. Johnson
The JPB Foundation
Ms. Grace Kim
Ms. Alexandra Krofta Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Lamesch
Ms. Solange Landau
Jo Carole and Ronald Lauder
Lese Family Foundation



Leon Levy Foundation
Mr. Yo-Yo Ma and Ms. Jill Hornor
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) 
Mr. John Monsky
C. Jay Moorhead Foundation
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund
William F. And Mary B. Murdy
In honor of Mr. Dennis M. Nally
Beth Goldberg Nash and Joshua Nash
The Netherland-America Foundation
The Lizabeth and Frank Newman Charitable Foundation
Mr. Stephen Novick
The Wendy Obernauer Foundation
Kobi and Dalia Offer
The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
Parnassus Foundation / Jane and Raphael Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Polsky
Richard Roth Foundation
Vicki and Roger Sant
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saper
Batia and Dennis Serrette
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Jackson E. and Evelyn G. Spears Foundation
Mr. Joseph A. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt G. Strovink
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Sun
The Vidda Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Wagner
Ms. Mary J. Wallach
Mr. Sedgwick Ward
The John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation
In honor of Ruth Widder
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Wood
Mr. Uzi Zucker
Anonymous (4)



Carnegie Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

Mr. Adil Abdulali
Joan Taub Ades
Atlas Acon Electric
Estate of Marilyn Apelson
Mr. and Mrs. George Ash
Ms. Jeanne Atkinson
Babbitt Family Charitable Trust
Mr. Shepard Barbash and Ms. Vicki Ragan Barbash Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Berger
Mr. Olivier Berggruen
Mrs. Stephanie Bernheim
Daniel L. and Ann L. Bernstein
Ms. Elaine S. Bernstein
Mr. Sam Selim Beyda
Mr. James Black
Mr. William Boltz
Ms. Janet Malcolm Botsford
Estate of Samuel Brandt
Gary Brewster and Tess Mateo 
Elizabeth A. R. and Ralph S. Brown Jr. 
Mr. William Buice
Robert and Margaret Burbidge
Ms. Babette Ceccotti and Mr. Steven Chicoine
Chaffetz Lindsey LLP
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Chaiken (Members, Explorers) 
Mrs. Betty Chaurize
Mr. and Mrs. Dushayant Chipalkatty 
Mr. and Mrs. Dominique Clavel
Irwin B. Cohen
Mr. Joseph M. Cohen
Mr. Mark Cohen
Yvonne Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cohn
Michele and Terry Cone
Costa and Yvonne Constantine
Mrs. Nancy Cooper
Estate of Charlotte B. Crosby
Lisa A. and David J. Grais
D. Ronald Daniel and Lise Scott
Lenore and Robert Davis
Deeds Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Diamond 
Stephen and Judy Dunn
Mr. and Mrs J. Christopher Eagan 
Richard Eger and Anne Aronovitch
Dr. Joan Eliasoph MD
Mr. Rafael Etzion
Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Even-Zohar
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fadem
Faith Golding Foundation Inc.
Mr. Giovanni Favretti
Mr. Michael Finkelstein and Ms. Sue-Ann Friedman
Doucet and Stephen Fischer 
Mr. and Mrs. John French III 
Mr. and Mrs. John Freund 
Effie and Robert Fribourg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gilliam
Barbara and Robert Glauber
Mr. Alexander Goldberg
Mr. David M. Goldman and
Mr. Mark A. Schaffer 
Jean & Jula Goldwurm 
Memorial Foundation
Charlotte Gollubier
Mr. Jerry Goodall
Mr. John Goodrich
Michael Gordon



Ms. Bonnie A. Gorman
Lisa A. and David J. Grais
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Grann
Monika and Peter Greenleaf
Paula S. Greenman
Mrs. Grecia Gross
Mr. Peter Gruenberger and Dr. Carin Lamm
Ms. Jan Guifarro
Anne and John Hall
Lynne and Harold Handler
Kimberly Hastie and Timothy Welch
Judith M. Hoffman
Pamela J. Hoiles
Mary I. and John E. Hull
Dr. Betty S. Iu
Ms. Beverly Jacobs
Ms. Susan G. Jacoby
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Johnson
Ms. Connie Kaiserman Robinson and Mr. Steven Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karin
Ms. Yukako Kawata
Mary and Howard Kelberg
Ken Lin Fund
Mrs. Irene King
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kishbauch (Members, Life Sciences Council)
Sidney K. Knafel and Londa Weisman 
Lucinda E. Knuth
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kolb
Mr. Kameron Kordestani
Sheldon and Rita Kwiat
Caroline and Mark Krentzman
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Kupperman
Mr. Steven E. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Lauder
Elaine and Robert LeBuhn
Mr. Jonathan E. Lehman
The Irene Levoy Foundation
Mr. William J. Levy
John and Marjory Lewin in memory of David Gurland (Members, Explorers)
 Estate of Robert Lipeles
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Lipper
Litwin Foundation
Ms. Sherry Liu
Judith and Michael Margulies
Ms. Donna Marshall
Dr. Nancy Maruyama and 
Mr. Charles Cahn Jr. 
Ms. Christina McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin
Mr. Ajai S. Mehta
Ms. Joyce Menschel
Miller Khoshkish Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Miller
E. Nakamichi Foundation
Mrs. Ellen B. Nenner
Ms. Lynn Nesbit
Mr. Stanley Newman and Dr. Brian Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Nicaise
In memory of Kirk S. Norton
Hiroko Onoyama and Ken Sugawara 
Arnold Penner and Madaleine Berley
Peoria Industrial Caterpillar
Mr. Marco Percori and Ms. Carla Bossi-Comelli
Mr. John A. Pirovano
Mr. and Mrs. James Pohlman



Mrs. Susanna L. Porter and Mr. James Clark
Dr. Robert Press
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Prince 
Pascale and Ernest Raab
Dr. Donna Kesselman Raggio and Mr. John J. Raggio
Ms. Catherine A. Rein
Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Riley
Nataly and Toby Ritter
Mr. Jinsoo J. Ro
Maria and George E. Roach
The Tom Roush Fund of the Funding Exchange
Mr. Stephen Rubin
Mark and Tracy Rudd
Mr. Eric C. Rudin
Ms. Corinne Samios
Mr. Raphael Samuel
Rosita Sarnoff and Beth Sapery
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Schapiro
Alfred and Anita Schnog
Ms. Georgia S. Shreve (Member, Explorers) 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Schwartz
Frank Schwarzer and Cindy Muth
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Scott
Jordan B. Seaman and The Grateful Foundation
Janet Z. Segal and Family
Mr. Gil Shiva
Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick Simmons
Arun Sinha (Member, Explorers)
Mr. and Mrs. F. Randall Smith
Abraham and Beverly Sommer Foundation
Mrs. Annaliese Soros
George T. Spera Jr. and Jane Ginsburg 
Kathryn Steinberg
Sydney and Jonathan Stern
Mr. James B. Stewart Jr. and Mr. Benjamin Weil
In memory of Lee S. Strong
Ms. Shining Sung
Mr. Jay H. Tanenbaum
Robert and Jane Toll
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse I. Treu
Mr. Michael Tubbs
Justin Turkat
Lindsey Turner
Turrell Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Vickers 
Marian M. Warden Fund of the Greater Harrisburg Foundation
Charles and Jacqueline Warren
Ms. Susan Waterfall  (Member, Life Sciences Council) 
Mr. Peter Wexler
Ms. Henrietta C. Whitcomb and Mr. David K. Whitcomb
Elizabeth Wiegers
Mr. Christopher Wolyniak
Corey Worcester and Yasmine Legendre
Shannon Wu and Joseph Kahn 
Ms. Stephanie Yoshida
Peter Young and Merit E. Janow 
Pia and Jimmy Zankel
Mr. Leonard Zigelbaum
Ms. Audrey Y. Zucker 
Anonymous (9)



Carnegie Club ($2,500 to $4,999)

George D. and Frieda Abraham Foundation 
Mr. Ernest Abrahamson
Gloria and Bert Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ackman 
Margot Adams
Joseph and Jacqueline Aguanno
Mr. Robert Allyn
Dr. Jennifer Altman and Mr. Jason Fein
Ms. Sandra Amann and Mr. Michael Pashby
Amaranth Foundation
The Amphion Foundation
Ms. Susan Heller Anderson
Ms. Sandra Anwiset
Ms. Rita Arlen
Meg Armstrong and Greg Lozier
Ms. Norma J. Arnold
Kathi and Peter Arnow
Ronald D. Arron and Roberta Weiner 
Ms. Adrienne Arsht
Mrs. Helen-Jean Arthur
David and Eugenia Askren
Berit and Steven Atkins
Mr. Steven Aurand
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Avrich
Ms. Joan B. Axtell
Mr. Edwin A. Bacher
Mr. James Coleman Baker
Ms. Dianne Balfour and Mr. Carl Adkins
Mr. Armand Bartos Jr. and Ms. Stephanie French
Mr. Sid R. Bass
Mr. Sanford L. Batkin
Mr. Andreas Baum
Dr. and Mrs. Humberto P. Bauta
Mr. Antonio Bechara
Ms. Lisa G. Beckerman
Mr. Albert Behler
Mr. Joseph Bell and Mr. Peter Longo
Dr. Thomas J. Bellezza and Mr. John T. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Selim Benardete
Ms. Denise Benmosche
The Bennett Family
Mr. Theodore Berk
Andrew and Kathy Berkman
Sheila and Stephen Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bernaz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bershadsky 
Barbara and Joel Edward Bickell
Mary and Jeffrey Bijur
Mary Billard and Barry Cooper
Adrienne and Robert Birnbaum
Mr. Robert Blanchard
Ms. Jolana Blau
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Block
Jane S. Block
Harvi and Bob Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Boehm
Mr. William Boltz
Jane K. and Allen L. Boorstein
Mr. Arlinton Bourne and Mrs. Claudine Jones-Bourne
Cheryl and David Brause
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Bravmann
Mr. Rudiger Breitenecker
Mr. John Brewer
Dr. Rosemarie D. Bria-Levine
Mr. Edward W. Brice Jr. and Ms. Vita L. Weir 
Dr. and Mrs. George Brief
Susan and Thomas Brock
Charles R. Bronfman and Rita Mayo
Mrs. Susanne Brundige
Ms. Lorraine Buch
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Buckland
Herbert and Ann Burger
Mr. Sergey G. Butkevich
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Butler
Mr. Douglas Cassara
Dr. Georgia Cataldi and Mr. Steven Katzenstin
Jonathan and Clea Chang
Catia Zoullas Chapin
Mr. Kenneth H. Chase
Dr. Gilbert R. Cherrick
Mr. Nicolas Chikhani
Ms. Tracy Chinery
Mr. Theodore Chu
Mr. Thomas Clarke
Miss Lisa Cobb
Mr. Steve Coffey and Mr. George Stirling
Ms. Anne Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Cohen
Mr. Brian M. Cohen and Ms. Elana Kaminetzky
Mrs. Betsy Cohn
Mr. Lewis G. Cole
Dr. Robert Reed Cole
Dr. Richard Collens
Mr. Ronald E. Compton and Mrs. Nancy S. Compton
Leon and Michaela Constantiner
Jeremy and Jordan Cooper
Norma and Lawrence Corio
Mrs. Joyce Cowin
Cowles Charitable Trust
Dr. George Creasy MD
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Crow
Dr. Michael Cucka
Mr. and Mrs. William Curry
Curtains Up! / Ms. Laura Inge
Barbara and Richard B. Dannenberg
Mrs. Tesha Darshan
Mrs. Sabrina DaSilva
Kathy Dean
Steve and Connie Delehanty
Mr. Jonathan DePeri
Ms. Jamie deRoy
Jennie L. and Richard K. DeScherer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Deutsch
Ms. Rosalind Devon
Hester Diamond
Ms. Constance Difede
Howard Dillon and Nell Dillon-Ermers
Todd Dimston
Ms. Carol E. Domina
Ms. Catherine Donnelly
Mr. Daniel T. Donnelly
Barbara and Thomas Dooley 
Domitilia M. dos Santos
Amit and Kalpana Doshi
Jean and Gordon Douglas
Mr. William Dunlop
Michael E. Dupler and Junko Ichikawa 
Mrs. Charles H. Dyson
William James Earle
Mr. and Mrs. John Eastman
Dr. and Mrs. Colin S. Edwards
Mr. Jay K. Egelberg
Mr. Neil Eigen
Mr. and Mrs. George Elvin
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Ercklentz 
Ms. Gail Erickson
Mr. Milton Ezrati
Peter and Joan Faber
Mr. George Fan
Ms. Susan Faure
Fiona Morgan Fein
Mr. Kenneth Feinberg
Norman Feit and Shishaldin Hanlen
Mr. Arthur F. Ferguson
Ms. Andrea Ferzoco
Mrs. Roberta Fine
Mr. Michael Finger
Susie and Charles Finkel
Ms. Sandra Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fleischer
Ona and Richard Fleming
Ms. Penelope Foley
Andrew J. Frackman and Emily Braun 
Mr. Andrew C. Freedman and Ms. Arlie M. Sulka
Ms. Mary Ann Frenzel
Gerald L. and Sheree A. Friedman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman
Ed Gaelick and Elizabeth A. Gaelick 
Patrick Gallagher and Robert Watson
Ms. Barbara Gallay
Sally and James Gambrill
Gideon and Sarah Gartner
Dr. Merwin Geffen and Dr. Normon Solomon
Alexis Gelber and Mark Whitaker 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Ghaffari
Dr. Claude Ghez
Mr. Richard Gilbert
Mr. Gregory F. Gilmartin
Edythe Gladstein
Jerry Gladstein
Mr. Jack Glaser and Dr. Joy Glaser
Elliott Glass and Merle Rubine
Ciril and Suzanne Godec
Dr. Susan L. Goldfine
Ms. Miriam Goldman



Patricia and Bernard Goldstein
I. Michael Goodman and Judith Uman 
Ms. Roberta Roth Goodman
Mr. Christopher Gorayeb
Mr. Yasuo Gotoh
Dr. Harold Gotthelf
Ms. Ilse W. Grafman
Lisa A. and David J. Grais
Dr. Rivka Greenberg and Mr. Phillip Greenberg
Mr. Jonathan K. Greenburg and Ms. Elizabeth Ely
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Greenwald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gregorio
Mr. Keith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grinis
Ms. Jane Gross
Mrs. Carol Grossman
Mrs. Marit G. Gruson
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Gulida-Wong
Ms. Gunilla N. Haac
Mr. and Mrs. Rubén Halfen
Dr. Mimi Halpen
Ms. Janice M. Hamilton
Dr. Bjorn and Catherine Hanson
Susan T. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Harrison
Dr. Gail Hashimoto
Mr. Ira Haupt III
Dr. Charles R. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Heinemann
Mr. Frank Heller and Mr. Christian F. Steiner 
Dr. Gemzel A. Hernandez and Mr. James R. Roe
Marifé Hernandez and Joel Bell
Marilyn Berger Hewitt
Joan and William Hickey
Adria and Donald Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hirsch
Ellen and David S. Hirsch
Ms. Susan B. Hirschhorn and Mr. Arthur M. Klebanoff
Mr. John Hite II
Ms. Susan E. Hochberg
Mr. John Hoffee
Mr. Geoffrey Hoguet and Ms. Annalu Ponti 
Ms. Nancy Hoppin
Steven and Lesli Hornstock
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic K. Howard
In honor of Mrs. Richard August Huberty
Mr. Timothy Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hunt
Ms. Atsuko Imamura
Michael Jozef Israels and Maija-Sarmite Jansons
Carol T. Ivanick
Mr. Andrew Jackson and
Mr. Dale Michael Lovelock
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Jacobs
John Mary Bernard Jacobs Foundation 
Marti and Ray Jacobs
Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Jerome
Mr. Robert D. Jezowski
Alfred and Sally Jones
Ms. Sarah S. Jones
Ms. Sarah Jones and Mr. Steven Cohen 
JTS Fund at The New York Community Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaczorowski 
Lars Kai
Diana J. Kalman
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaltman
Leonard and Alice Kandell
Dr. Felisa Berman Kaplan
Dr. Sylvia Karasu
Joseph and Audrey Kartiganer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaskel
Mr. Herbert Kasper
Ms. Jean Kates
Elliot and Adrienne Katz
Mr. Neil Katz
Gene and Terry Kaufman
Mr. Stephen C. Kaye
Mr. Thomas F. Kearns Jr.
Ms. Gail Kendall
Ms. Kathryn Keneally and Mr. Thomas M. Marshall
Ms. Edythe Kenner
Miss Heather Kiessling
Ms. Younghee Kim-Wait and Mr. Alex Unjo-Wait
Mr. William Kistler
Dr. Mark M. Klebanov and Mrs. Cherise D. Klebanov
Lisa Klein and Timothy Kinsella
Mr. James Klosty
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Knowlton 
Dr. June H. Koizumi
Jonathan and Judith Kolker
Timea and Charles Kolozsvary
Mr. Tyler Korff
Helen Kornblau / The Kornblau Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kotovsky
Victor and Sarah Kovner
Caroline and Mark Krentzman
Ms. Elissa LaBagnara
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lagana
Mr. and Mrs. James Lally
Sheila and Bill Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. W. Loeber Landau
Mr. Jonathan Larsen
Peter D. Lawrence and Henna Ong
Mr. Christopher Leake
Ms. Melissa Leapman
Dr. Lee and Dr. Welinder
Dorothy Lee and Victor Han
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee III
Ms. Seunghee Lee and Mr. Sung Kang
Harris I. Lehrer
Ms. Carol Leibenson
Ms. Joan M. Leiman
Susan and Joel Leitner
Kurt F. Leopold
Lerner Family Foundation, in memory of Dr. Mark Lerner
Mr. Richard Lerner
Toby Lerner Ansin and Sanford Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Leshner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Levin
Ilona and Aaron Levine
Mr. Andrew J. Levinson
Leslie and Jim Levy
Marcia and William Levy
Ms. Cynthia Lewis
Dr. Jan Lewis and Mr. Barry Bienstock
Drs. Beth and Carl Lieberman
Ms. Francesca Liechenstein and Ms. Jane Riskin Bean
Mrs. Tina Liu
Dr. Nancy Long
Robert Losada Jr. and Patricia Posner 
Mr. and Mrs. Sherif Lotfi
Mr. Michael Lubin
Mrs. Joyce Luchtenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lurie
Stephen and Rita Lurito
Ms. Phyllis Lusskin
Dr. Laura Lustig
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt M. Lutz
Mrs. Maria N. Lyras
Dr. David Mahalick and Dr. Isabel A. Lerman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L Malkin
Ms. Virginia Mancini
Barry and Sally Mandel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Mantell
Ms. Monica Markowicz
Mr. Micahel V. P. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marrus
Mr. Kingsley Matthew
Gary McKay and Gregory St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McKerrow
Mr. Ryan D. McNaughton
Dr. Keith Meritz and Mr. David Hurst
Dr. Ricardo Mesa-Tejada and Dr. Amy Mesa-Jonassen
Mr. Edward J. Miller and Ms. Carolyn Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Miller III
Mr. Jonathan Miller and Ms. Nancy Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mims
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mintz
Jo Dare and Robert Mitchell
Mr. Eben Moglen
Karl Moller
Ms. Marilyn Monter
Mrs. Angela H. Morrison
Paula and Gerard Munera Foundation
Dr. Elizabeth Muss and Mr. Agostino Scarpa
Mr. Sota Nakazawa
Mr. Martin Nance
Mr. Stefano Natella
National Mah Jongg League, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Needham
Margaret and Richard Neimeth



Judi and Alfred Netter
In memory of Gabor Neumann
Ms. Susanna Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nielsen
Mr. Charles O'Byrne
Mr. John E. Oden
Ms. Dianne O’Donnell
Daniel and Rebecca Okrent
Mr. Morris A. Orden
Mr. Jeffrey Oren and Dr. Craig Keyes
Mr. Andres Mata Osoria
Dr. Anthony Paciello and Dr. Dianne Rose
Mrs. Hannah C. Pakula
Lori and Lee Parks
The Patterson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Patron
Mrs. Stephen M. Peck
Ms. G. Perez Rocchietti and Mr. C. Rodriguez-Pastor
Barbara and Louis Perlmutter
Ms. Antonia P. Pew
Scott and Judy Phares
Evan Picoult
Penny and Claudio Pincus
Burton Yale Pines and Helene Brenner
Ms. Debra L. Pipines
Mr. Jules L. Plangere III
Mr. Rene Plessner
Ms. Tara E. Polen
Ms. Terri Poli and Mr. J. Craig Weakley 
Mindy Pollack
Mr. Timothy Porter
Mr. Robert Poulos
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Pressman
Mrs. Jessie Hunter Price
Mr. Josh Prottas
Mark Ptashne and Lucy Gordon
Mr. Chaohui Andrew Pu and 
Ms. Yin Long
Ms. Lisa Benenson Quattrocchi
Mr. Stephen S. Rabinowitz, Esq.
Jack Radgowski
William Raff / Mizuho USA Foundation Ms. Amber Rang
Charles J. Raubicheck and Ann S. Macdonald
Isabella del Frate Rayburn
Mr. Warren Reed
Dana and Richard Reimer
Ms. Denice Helman Rein
The Karl F. Reuling Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Riker
Sondra Kurtin Robinson
Mr. Arden Rogers
Ms. Anne Rohan-Cassidy
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Rolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roman
Paulette and Joseph M. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosen
Susan Pinsky and Marc Rosen
Drs. Marc and Rosemary Rosenblum
Mr. James H. Rosenfield
Judith and Michael Rosenthal
Mitsuko and David Rosinus
Mr. Maurice Rozenblum
Michael and Juliet Rubenstein
George and Jacqueline Rubin
Mr. Steve Rusckowski
Mr. Thomas Russo
Mr. Stephen Rutenberg
Ms. Patricia Saigo
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sales
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Salvati
Alan Salz and Brad Whitehurst
Anna Maria Sarmento
Jack and Marianne Sauter
Antoine and Amanda Schetritt
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Schulmeyer
Mrs. Juanita C. Seegal
Mr. Martin Selig
Barbara and Kenneth Seplow
Vivian Serota
Ms. Audrey Sevin
Dr. Wales R. Shao
Mrs. Stefanie Sheehan
Dr. M. Lana Sheer
Mrs. Irene Shen
Ms. Patricia Sheridan
Mr. Robert Shmalo
Michael Shnayerson and Gayfryd Steinberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Shorin
Marion and William Shulevitz
Ms. Alice Shure
Michael and Seren Shvo
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Signore
Dr. Robert Albert Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Simon
Ms. Penny Simon
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Sitrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Snyder
Denise R. Sobel
Solomon Organization Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac D. Sonsino
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Soros
Dr. Garry Spector
Ms. Claudia Spies
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Stafford
Susan and Joseph Stamler
Dr. Axel Stawski
Sissy and Garry Stein
Dr. Robert Steiner
Leonore and Walter Stern
Linda B. Stern
Mr. Christopher Stewart
Trevor and Margaret Stewart
Drs. Barry and Barbara Stimmel
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stratakis
Mrs. Leila Maw Straus
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Streim
Gloria and Philip Talkow
Mr. Eduardo Tamraz
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Tananbaum
Mr. Martin Tandler and Ms. Maura May 
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Tarica
Mrs. Marilyn Taub
Mr. and Mrs. Willard B. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Barron Tenny
Elise C. and Marvin B. Tepper
Ms. Carolee Thea
Mr. Gary Thomas and Mrs. Carolyn Buntic
Mr. Anthony Toliver
Miss Viktoria Tolkachenko
Mr. Michael Tomasko IV
Gerald F. Tucci
Ms. Helen Sonnenberg Tucker
Gil Turchin and Indigo
Ms. Caroline Urvater
Diana and Roy Vagelos
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul Valles
 Deborah van de Putte
Mr. and Mrs. William J. vanden Heuvel
Ms. Nancy F. Vardakis
Ms. Jaclyn Veneroso
Mark Villamar and Esther Milsted
Ms. Margaret Vranesh
Linda J. Wachner
Candace and Jonathan Wainwright 
Mr. and Mrs. Mallory Walker
Ms. Lynn Warshow
Dr. Martin B. Wax
Ms. Johanna Weber
Evelene Wechsler
Rebecca and William Weeks
Mr. Ben Wegbreit
Sandra and George Weiksner
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrene Weinbach
Mrs. Liana Weindling
Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Weinstein
Linda Weiss (in memory of Steve Weiss)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weiss
Ms. Gayle W. Welling
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wellington
Edith Kallas-Whatley and Joseph Whatley
Mr. Robert T. Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Wilkinson
Mr. Richard M. Winn III
Wise Family Fund
Elaine and Irving Wolbrom
Jacqueline and Cary Wolf
The Honorable and Mrs. Carl S. Wolfson
Ms. Patricia Woodward and Mr. Elliott Kaback
Ms. Dian Woodner
Rebecca Wui and Raymond Ko
Mr. George M. Yeager
Ms. Shirley Young
Alice F. Yurke and Robert H. Davis Jr. 
Merryl and Charles Zegar
Anonymous (13)



Sustainer ($1,500 to $2,499)

Ms. Adriana Aquino
Ms. Whitney Arcaro
Ms. Joan B. Axtell
Mr. Gary Bandy
Ms. Linda Barnes
Ms. Susan Beckerman
Ms. Yvonne Benn
Ms. Ann Bertino
Ms. Judith King Binney
Dr. Nelly Boggio
Mr. Peter Bonanno
Mr. Karl Buchberg
Ms. Marcia Carsey
Mr. and Mrs. Milton P. Chernack
Dr. Bernard Cohen
Dr. Donald Davis
Dr. John V. Dellosso MD
Ms. Tisha Dixon
Dr. Anke A. Ehrhardt
Ms. Gail Eisen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Englander
Ms. Mary Evans
Mr. Robert E. Evanson
Mrs. Valerie Feigen
Dr. Robert Fields
Mr. David M. Flood and Mr. George P. Behrens
Dr. Bernard Franklin
Sarah and Gideon Gartner
Mr. Michael C. Gilsenan PhD
Ms. Hilary Giuliano
Ms. Mira Goldberg
Mr. Jerry Goodall
Dr. Beatrice Goodwin
Ms. Annette Green
Mr. Brian Hinchcliffe
Dr. and Mrs. Irvin N. Hirshfield
Ms. Margaret Huang
Ms. Krystyna Hutchinson
Ms. Heather Isiminger
Ms. Kiera Jekos
Mr. Marc Jourdren
Mr. Mohamad Kamaredine
Ms. Alice Kandell
Mr. John Kander
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kanter
Dr. Gilla Kaplan and Dr. Bernt Nesje
Ms. Rachelle Katz
Dr. David J. Kohen
Ms. Kathleen Lacey

Mr. Michel Larroche
Mr. Steven Lenkowsky
Mr. Andrew Lohan
Mrs. Eileen Mandel
Ms. Irene Minkoff
Ms. Lorraine Monick
Mr. John Morris
Mr. Bastian Mueller
Mrs. Eileen Muench
Ms. Caroline Niemczyk
Mr. Sam J. Nole and Ms. Lillian Mgrath-Nole
Mr. Walter Nollmann
Mr. Kevin O’Handley
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. O’Neill
Mr. John L. Oram
Mr. Garry Osgood
Ms. Lorna H. Power
Mr. Steven M. Radwell and Mrs. Louise Heit-Radwell
Ms. Brenda Rauch
Mr. Peter J. Riemer
Mr. Stephen J. Riker and Mrs. Margery Baker-Riker
Ms. Lisa Roselli
Ms. Theresa Sabol
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Santoriello
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schade
Ms. Margaret Schwartz
Dr. Lauren Shaiova
Ms. Maria S. Shapiro
Miss Kamelia Staykova
Ms. Connie Steensma
Mr. Michael Steiner
Mr. Frank Stella and Mrs. Harriet McGurk Stella
Mr. Scott Strayer
Mr. David P. Stuhr
Mr. Michael Tham
Mr. Nicholas Theofanidis
Mr. Leo J. Tick
Mr. Levi Adriel Torres
Mr. Peter L. Traberman
P. H. Tuan
Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Wachen
Mrs. Lynn Warshow
Mr. Stephen Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Nahum Waxman
Mr. Wheelock Whitney
Mr. Irwin Wolin
Mr. Stephen S. York
Dr. Michael Young

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