Perelman American Roots African American Song
(Grades 6–8)
African American Song

2011–2012 Season Information

Perelman American Roots"When you read from a textbook, you're learning, but you don't really learn the feelings. In a song, you can hear all the feelings and feel the feelings." —2009 Perelman American Roots student

How does African American song unite people? Students explore African American song and its connections to history and current events in social studies and choral classrooms.

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This program is made possible, in part, by the Ronald O. Perelman Music Endowment Fund.

The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall

Registration for the 2010–2011 season is closed. Please visit April 11, 2011 to register for 2011–2012.

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$6 per student, $30 per teacher
One chaperone ticket per 10 students included
Additional adults $6 each

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Perelman American Roots

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Honor Timeline

Trace the development of African American music from sacred traditions all the way through hip-hop. Photos, historical information, and streaming audio bring this comprehensive timeline to life. Learn more.