Leon Fleisher: The Late Schubert Sonatas

With master artist and teacher Leon Fleisher, Franz Schubert's late piano sonatas come to life in this performance guide that includes video clips, written commentary, and an animated score, allowing the user to simultaneously watch Mr. Fleisher teach from the keyboard and study the notated music. It is also possible to create a personal master class complete with specific piano techniques relevant to the musical themes of most interest. The video portion was filmed during a Carnegie Hall Professional Training where Mr. Fleisher mentored four up-and-coming artists.

This site can be used by professional pianists and students who are preparing these late Schubert sonatas, as well as listeners and concertgoers who wish to learn more about the works and the art of performing them.

About Leon Fleisher and the Late Schubert Sonatas

As a student of Artur Schnabel, Leon Fleisher did not study Schubert's late piano sonatas, yet they have always been an important part of his career-defining repertoire. More than 50 years ago Columbia Records / Epic released Schubert's Sonata in B-flat Major as Mr. Fleisher's solo debut-a recording that was digitally re-mastered and re-released half a century later in 2008. Mr. Fleisher believes that pianists should study these Schubert works early in their career, sharing the opinion with Mr. Schnabel that the sonatas, when part of a recital, should be performed at the very end of the program so that nothing diminishes their impact.

The Emerson String Quartet: The Bartók Quartets, A Guide for Performers and Music Lovers

Explore the six string quartets of Bela Bartók through the vision of the Emerson String Quartet in this amalgamation of video footage, written commentary, and animated score. Much of the video was taken during a workshop given by the Emerson members in 2003 and has been supplemented with additional video of Emerson members and others speaking about the quartets.

This site is intended for performers who are preparing these pieces as well as listeners and concertgoers who wish to learn more about the Bartók quartets and about the many musical decisions that must be made in order to perform these demanding works.

About the Emerson Quartet and the Bartók String Quartets

The six string quartets of Béla Bartók have been central to the repertoire of the Emerson String Quartet for over 25 years. Their first performance of the complete cycle came early in their careers in 1979. Their 1988 recording of the cycle won a Grammy Award that year. Recently they gave marathon performances of all six quartets in one concert at Alice Tully Hall and at the Aspen Music Festival. In this website they share publicly the accumulated insights of their career performing and living with the quartets.