School Programs

Each year, more than 50,000 students and teachers learn more about music at Carnegie Hall.

A variety of programs for the education community throughout the New York metropolitan area is available for music teachers, general classroom teachers, and teachers of other disciplines, schools, and students of various ages.

For Elementary Schools
Muscial Explorers

Musical Explorers ›
This music education program allows first and second graders to explore the voice, the instrument we're born with, and discover the diverse heritage of song and musical tradition in New York City.


Link Up ›
This program for students in grades 3 to 5 includes a teacher workshop and a participatory concert at Carnegie Hall. The curriculum teaches basic musical concepts and musical literacy while exposing students to high-quality classical music performances.

For Middle Schools
American Roots

Perelman American Roots ›
The Perelman American Roots program is founded on the belief that the study of traditional American music can deepen student understanding of American history, culture, and society.

For High Schools
Global Encounters

Global Encounters ›
This program integrates the study of world music into social studies, English, and music classrooms. Throughout the spring semester, students and teachers will explore the music and culture of the specific region, including classroom visits by a musician, and a final interactive concert at Carnegie Hall.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange ›
This program offers the opportunity to connect your classroom to the world. Students and teachers explore the music and culture of each specific region through lessons and exchange ideas with participants around the world via an online community and two videoconferenced concerts.

National High School Choral Festival

Carnegie Hall National High School Choral Festival ›
For each High School Choral Festival, four choirs of high school-aged students, chosen by tape audition, appear in a concert at Carnegie Hall. Each choir sings 10 minutes of repertoire individually, then all of the choirs join forces with the Orchestra of St. Luke's to present a major choral work.

All Grades
School Residency Program

School Residency Program ›
The School Residency Program offers schools the opportunity to participate in sequential music programs through a unique collaboration with the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall. Working together, teachers and WMI Teaching Artists engage students in creative musical projects that meet the specific needs of each classroom.

National Programs
Communities LinkUP!

Communities Link Up ›
This program assists orchestras and arts organizations in adapting Carnegie Hall’s highly acclaimed Link Up program in their own communities, providing the program structure, materials, and training. The culmination of the yearlong program is a local live orchestral performance for the students, which for many is their first concert experience.

The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall