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The Carnegie Hall Archives document Carnegie Hall’s rich and varied history, including events in the three halls, construction of the building and its subsequent alterations, and the lives and work of the occupants of the studio towers. The Archives contain over 2,500 square feet of documents, with over 114 years of concert programs, promotional fliers and posters, musical manuscripts and autographs, photographs, drawings, paintings, recordings, architectural drawings, and administrative files. Highlights include a lavishly illustrated souvenir program from the inaugural week of concerts in 1891; a set of stock certificates from the Music Hall Company of New York, the Hall's original governing body; and information on tenants who lived or worked in the Carnegie Hall studios. View a selection of materials from the Archives in our interactive timeline.

The Carnegie Hall Archives were established in the fall of 1986. Since no central repository existed prior to that time, a significant portion of the Hall’s documented history had been lost, discarded, or otherwise forgotten. An intensive search began for historic materials. Through advertisements, stories in the media, trips to flea markets, appeals to the public, and contacts with former employees, artifacts began arriving from all over the world. Vast amounts of material, including over 18,000 concert programs, have been recovered, enabling the Archives to reconstruct much of Carnegie Hall's history.

Do you have any Carnegie Hall–related items?

We are still searching for programs, posters, recordings, photographs, and tenant information. Please call or e-mail if you have material you think might help us complete our historical record.

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