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Presented by Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera

Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera

Voices of the Mountains
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 8 PM Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
Voices of the Mountains is a musical journey that showcases Polish highlands culture, traditions, and landscapes through four Polish composers, including award-winning Wojciech Kilar, Karol Szymanowski, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, and Mieczysław Karłowicz. This concert features pianist Janusz Olejniczak, conductor Marek Moś, vocalist Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka and his highland quartet, NeoQuartet, and Atom String Quartet for a fusion of Polish highlands music, drum and bass, contemporary classical music, and jazz. This is the U.S. premiere of this collection of works.Marek Moś
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Marek Moś, Conductor
Janusz Olejniczak, Piano
Jan Smoczyński, Keyboards
Sebastian Łukasz-Karpiel Highlanders Quartet
··Sebastian Łukasz Karpiel, Vocals, Violin, Highlander Bagpipes, and Pastoral Instruments
··Bartłomiej Kudasik, Violin and Viola
··Wojciech Topa, Violin
··Józef Chyc, Highlander Bass Instruments
Atom String Quartet
··Dawid Lubowicz, Violin
··Mateusz Smoczyński, Violin
··Michał Zaborski, Viola
··Krzysztof Lenczowski, Cello
··Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka, Violin
··Dariusz Rafał Prystasz, Violin
··Michał Markiewicz, Viola
··Krzysztof Pawłowski, Cello
Jan Młynarski, Drums
Andrzej Święs, Double Bass


KILAR Piano Concerto

CHOPIN Scherzo No. 1

GÓRECKI Piano Concerto, Op. 40

SZYMANOWSKI Mazurka, Op. 50, No. 1

SZYMANOWSKI Mazurka, Op. 50, No. 2



And traditional Highland melodies

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