• L'Arpeggiata:
    Baroque Master Classes

    March 17–18, 2012

    For Baroque Singers, Instrumentalists, and Ensembles (US applicants only)


    Christina Pluhar and members of Carnegie Hall Perspectives ensemble L’Arpeggiata, including violinist Veronika Skuplik and cornettist Doron David Sherwin, lead master classes in ensemble playing, improvisation, and accompanying vocalists with basso continuo. The sessions will also include private coaching.

  • Pluhar Christina Marco Borggreve


    Members of Rook, an ensemble taking part in the L'Arpeggiata Master Class, share what it's like to perform on 16th-century instruments, such as the sackbut and the harpsichord.  



    Vocalist Elise Figa discusses her journey in this first installment of her L'Arpeggiata Master Class vlog. 

  • Professional Training Workshops are made possible, in part, by Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Bulgari and The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.