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TAKEMITSU at Film Forum: 'Harakiri'

The third in our series focusing on the film music of Tōru Takemitu, in partnership with Film Forum—which presents TAKEMITSU, a 14-day festival of movies scored by the legendary Japanese composer—looks at 1962's Harakiri, for which Takemitsu won the award for Best Film Score at Japan's Mainichi Film Concours.

Film: Harakiri
Director: Masaki Kobayashi
Year: 1962

Harakiri trailer
Courtesy Shochiku Co., Ltd.

At an Edo clan mansion, penniless ronin Tatsuya Nakadai asks for a haven to commit seppuku. But when each of his seconds calls in "sick," Nakadai begins his own story. Pioneering use of Japanese traditional music in Takemitsu's tense score.

"[The film score was] revolutionary because it showed us how image and music ought to be combined."—Masahiro Shinoda

—Courtesy of Film Forum

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