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Beauty, History, and Innovation: Carnegie Hall and Breguet

Carnegie Hall is as fascinating and beautiful as the music created in it, and it is with great pride that we welcome our newest addition, a series of clocks by our first-ever Exclusive Timepiece, Breguet.

The invention and innovation that are hallmarks of Breguet are perfectly themed for Carnegie Hall. The building's interior is a mixture of design and taste that reflects the research trip architect William Burnet Tuthill made to Europe. Mr. Tuthill designed the Hall with electricity, which was a remarkable feature in 1891. It was also the very first building in New York City to be thoroughly air-cooled. Originally, a bunker in the basement was filled with ice, and fans blew across the blocks, creating cold air and sending it through a duct system in the walls. Largely plaster, steel, and cast iron, Carnegie Hall was also New York's first truly fireproof building.

Continuing with this theme, on this season's opening night we unveiled the Tourbillon clock in the Morse Lobby. The Tourbillion is a fascinating mechanism patented in 1801 by Breguet to more accurately keep time by defying the effects of gravity on pocket watches.

Breguet Tourbillon

A few steps from the lobby, a Queen of Naples clock reigns over the Citi Cafe. In 1812, Queen Caroline of Naples commissioned an oval timepiece from Breguet to wrap around her wrist like a bracelet, in effect inventing the world's first wristwatch.

Breguet Queen of Naples

See the Breguet Classique on Zankel Hall's Parterre level, and in the Rohatyn Room, Shorin Club Room, and Jacobs Room.

Breguet Classique

During your next visit, experience how Breguet beautifully keeps time throughout Carnegie Hall!

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