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Meet The Time Jumpers

The Time Jumpers—a 10-piece, four-time Grammy-nominated band comprising legendary veterans of the Nashville music scene, united by their love of Western swing and traditional country music—bring Music City to New York City with unsurpassed skill, pure love for their chosen form, and genius execution of a program of songs both recognizable and fresh.

This concert is hosted by Rosanne Cash and is a part of her Perspectives.

Picture an ensemble of 10 players crowded around one stage. Armed with string instruments of all shapes and sizes, they play classical songs from a bygone era, eager to bring music frayed by time into the hands of a new generation. A few more members and you’d have a small chamber orchestra, but, once they start, it’s clear this band doesn’t play “classical” music of the Beethoven variety. This kind has a whole lot more twang.

Meet The Time Jumpers. Born in Nashville 17 years ago, it’s an ensemble of the town’s best players who gravitated together first as a casual means of expression (and decompression) and turned into something much, much more. Comprising renowned performer Vince Gill and a score of ace musicians, The Time Jumpers have garnered Grammy nominations, been asked to play on many modern records (including Miranda Lambert’s Automatic) and turned into one of Music City’s must-see attractions with their Monday-night residency at local club 3rd & Lindsley. And they’re doing all this by dipping into a country music catalogue with songs that are often more than 80 years old. From Fats Waller to Mickey Newbury, they don’t just resurrect the music, they keep its heart vigorously beating anew.

In a place where auto-tune, rap refrains, and bombastic guitar are seeping into every corner of the country tradition, this is a huge feat. Thus, The Time Jumpers have one mission: to bring old Western swing and the traditional gems of the genre back to the forefront. And keep them there.

“Any traditional style deserves to be kept alive and breathing, be it Delta blues or zydeco or bluegrass,” says “Ranger Doug” Green, vocalist and guitarist for The Time Jumpers, who joins Brad Albin (upright bass), Larry Franklin (fiddle), Paul Franklin (steel guitar), Gill (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Andy Reiss (electric guitar), Kenny Sears (vocals, fiddle), Joe Spivey (fiddle, vocals), Jeff Taylor (accordion, piano), and Billy Thomas (drums, vocals) to comprise the band. “There is such a wide range of styles we think of as American, and electric swing and country fall into that because they are a living tradition—not one you’ll find in museum archives, but it’s still very much alive. And we are proud to be keeping it alive.”

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