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Story of the Week: Soyeong Park

I’ve been a violinist in Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America since 2013—the orchestra’s very first year. For me, the most surreal NYO moment is when you stand up for the last bow and listen to the applause. Everything’s kind of muted because it’s so loud. But you look around at your friends onstage, and it’s just an awesome feeling.

NYO and Carnegie Hall provide this kind of environment where people make connections that last a lifetime. You realize that these are the best of the best—that when you grow up, these are going to be the people who are in major symphonies and teaching at music conservatories and doing great things all over the country. You just really start thinking about all the possibilities.

For me, having this connection with Carnegie Hall and knowing all the people here has provided me with a lot of opportunities that I never even dreamed I would have. Through talking with members of the staff and seeing that they’re still connected to music—to a musical environment—even though they’re not in performance careers, that’s really inspired me to go into arts administration. It’s helped me find confidence to pursue something other than music, but also something that will keep me in close contact with the arts. It’s given me a new perspective on music that I didn’t have before.

—Soyeong Park, Violin, National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016



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