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About the Weill Music Institute

The Education and Social Impact Programs of Carnegie Hall

Music reflects, defines, and inspires humanity at every phase of life, from the hummed melodies of those who love us first, to the lyrical insights that unlock our teenage imaginations, to the soaring crescendos that evoke our deepest emotions. Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) invites everyone to harness the power of music to make meaningful differences in their lives, celebrate artistry in all its forms, and make connections with others. WMI believes that excellent musicians not only master their crafts, but use their talents to break down barriers and amplify the voices of all people.

At its core, WMI is a community of world-class musicians, aspiring artists, inspired storytellers, impassioned educators, and change agents of all ages and backgrounds who explore the capacity for music to transform lives and communities together. Whether they aim to excel as musicians, search for the words and inspiration they need to live their best lives, or support the artistic potential of others, all people are encouraged to add their voices to the WMI community.

WMI by the Numbers

Our range of free and low-cost music education and social impact programs extends far outside the walls of Carnegie Hall to reach more than half a million people each year across the United States and around the globe, supporting music learning at all levels. WMI’s community includes schools, orchestras, arts organizations, and government agencies that partner with Carnegie Hall to exponentially expand the reach of its work, creating local and global networks dedicated to the power of music.

In New York City
  • 91,000 people are served by WMI in the New York City area, including 56,000 students and 400 teachers.
  • 450 schools, venues, arts organizations, and other sites host WMI programming.
  • 7 city and state agencies partner with Carnegie Hall.
  • 24 rooms in Carnegie Hall’s Resnick Education Wing are dedicated to music education.
Across the Country
  • 155 orchestras, music presenters, and education organizations in 40 states partner with Carnegie Hall.
  • 700 lullabies are written in the Lullaby Project each season.
  • 280 young musicians and 750 educators and administrators travel to New York City and beyond for performance and training opportunities each year.
  • 409,000 students, teachers, families, and people of all ages participate in WMI programs in their communities.
Around the World
  • 2.5 million views have been recorded on WMI’s online curricula, resources, and videos.
  • 6 languages are used to teach the Link Up program.
  • 18 partners in 8 countries on 5 continents offer WMI programming.
  • 33 cities in 15 countries have hosted NYO-USA or NYO2 since 2013.

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