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About the Weill Music Institute

Education and Social Impact Programs of Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall believes that everyone has the ability to make music. Established in 2003, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) creates wide-reaching education and social impact programs that play a central role in fulfilling the Hall’s mission of making great music accessible to the widest audience possible. The extraordinary range of programs—most offered for free or at low cost—engage young people, families, students, community members, aspiring artists, and educators in New York City, across the United States, and around the globe. They nurture tomorrow’s musical talent, and harness the power of music to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

WMI’s hands-on programs tap into the creativity of audiences of all ages, inviting them to make their own music in all genres, express their viewpoints, and raise their voices. These programs share three key goals:

  • Music learning and engagement, particularly with young people in the classroom and families, including those with babies and toddlers
  • Artist training, working with musicians of all ages and levels
  • Social impact, leveraging the power of music through programs that address social issues, catalyze personal growth, and build agency, empathy, and connection with others

As a leader in music education, WMI generates new knowledge through original research, and is committed to giving back to its community and the field. WMI programs are available digitally through resource pages that compile free, high-quality musical activities for educators, families, and young musicians.

Carnegie Hall Engages with Teachers and Students Across the US

WMI by the Numbers

Carnegie Hall’s music education and social impact programs extend far beyond its walls, reaching nearly 800,000 people each year across the United States and around the globe in schools, orchestras, arts organizations, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, refugee camps, hospitals, and more, supporting music learning at all levels. Partnership is essential for maximizing the success and reach of WMI programs. Carnegie Hall teams up with a wide variety of partners each season—including local, national, and global organizations, as well as government agencies—to exponentially expand the reach of its work, creating networks dedicated to the power of music.

In New York City

  • 91,000 people served by WMI, including 56,000 students and 400 teachers
  • 400 schools, venues, arts organizations, and other sites host WMI programming
  • 9 city and state partner agencies
  • 24 rooms in the Hall’s Resnick Education Wing dedicated to music education

Across the Country

  • 155 orchestras, music presenters, and education organizations in 40 states partner with Carnegie Hall.
  • 700 lullabies are written in the Lullaby Project each season.
  • 600 young musicians, educators, and administrators travel to New York City and beyond for performance and training opportunities each year.
  • 800,000 students, teachers, families, young people, and community members are served by WMI programs.

Around the World

  • 2.5 million views of WMI’s online curriculums, resources, and videos
  • 6 languages used to teach Link Up
  • 15 countries on 6 continents offer WMI programming
  • 33 cities in 15 countries hosted NYO-USA or NYO2 since 2013

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For Families

Encourage musical discovery in your family through the Weill Music Institute’s programs to spark curiosity and lifelong learning.

For Students and Educators

Refine your skills and make music with your students in classrooms and concert halls around the globe.

For Young Musicians

Work closely with today’s leading artists, and learn about resources and opportunities to grow as a performer, artist, and leader.

Meet Carnegie Hall’s Teaching Artists

Meet Carnegie Hall’s diverse roster of talented professional artists who lead program activities in New York.

In the Justice System

Learn about Carnegie Hall’s work in justice settings through the Weill Music Institute’s education programs.

Weill Music Institute Support

We thank our many generous supporters of the education and social impact programs created by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.

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