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Welcome to Carnegie Hall’s growing community of educators! Discover new ways to build on your practice when you learn from fellow teachers. Gain valuable insights through our Teacher Check-Ins video series, and suggest topics for discussion. Join the Music Educators Facebook group for more teaching tips and inspiration, and sign up for our monthly Teacher Newsletter to be first to receive new educational tools and resources.

Teaching During a Pandemic

In this series, we meet with teachers to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their teaching, delving into the unique challenges they’ve faced and the creative solutions they’ve explored along the way. Teachers discuss reconsidering their goals as educators while diving into new techniques, adapting to new learning environments, and supporting the emotional well-being of each student as well as the larger school community.

What It Means to Teach

Educators reflect on what it means to teach in an ever-changing world, including understanding each student’s process, thinking critically, giving students the reassurance to make their voices heard, and more.

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I discovered the Carnegie Hall Music Educators Facebook group a couple of weeks into the COVID-19 shutdown, and it’s been a real bright spot for me. It was so traumatic to be ripped from the classroom, but I’ve gained so much perspective, so many tips and tricks, and had a few smiles all because of that group. I’m not exaggerating—it has been a real relief to be part of a community of educators
—Tim, Massachusetts

Join our online community of music educators to discover and share new teaching resources, participate in our free monthly online meetups, and even have the chance to be featured in an upcoming teacher check-in video!


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