• David Lang – Carnegie Hall’s 2013 – 2014 Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair – looks at the broader musical landscape by curating the collected stories project. These six multi-genre concerts showcases different modes of storytelling in music, from Medieval Beowulf to conceptual Cage to world premieres, pulling together disparate threads from past and present and across many traditions to highlight the ways music and narrative work together. View the complete calendar of collected stories concerts which run from April 22 to April 29.

    Passionate and prolific, Lang embodies the restless spirit of invention with his creation of new forms that defy categorization. The musically omnivorous creator references folk, pop, and jazz influences in his compositions, while at the same time being deeply rooted in the classical tradition.

    His cultural openness also informs the performers with whom he collaborates. Building on his work with New York’s legendary music collective Bang on a Can, Lang has helped design a workshop – Creating New Music – in which young composers and chamber ensembles will be mentored in the process of creating, rehearsing, premiering, and promoting new works, commissioned specially for the occasion by Carnegie Hall.
  • David Lang Introduces collected stories

  • David Lang Sampler

    David Lang has curated a digital sampler featuring music of his that will be performed during his 2013–2014 residency. This four track sampler from Cantaloupe Music—featuring “pain changes” from Death Speaks, an unreleased recording of pierced, the so-called laws of nature, and cheating, lying, stealing—was produced exclusively for Carnegie Hall and is free.

  • David Lang on collected stories

    Music and storytelling began their lives together—music to accompany heroic tales, music to worship by, music to suggest the emotions running deep below the surface of a text. Not all music tells a story—how could it? It is the most abstract of all the arts. And yet we often listen to music as if it has a tale to tell, teasing a narrative out of all the tunes and harmonies and changes.

    My series—collected stories—divides up the narrative world into topics so we can see how the music changes from subject to subject. Music from different cultures, times, environments, and sound worlds, plus some really exciting commissions, are placed next to each other, highlighting their narrative similarities and telling a larger kind of story about how we listen, experience sound and time, and use music to make sense of the world around us.